Monday, February 11, 2013

At First

I thought this was Alex competing, and panic flooded my veins.  I was missing his round!

Nope. Not Alex. 

Alex's rounds did not go so well.
Neither did Moops'
Yeah, it went that well....

This is Ike.

This is Ike doing what Moops did. 
Not exactly.

This is Ike eating Spaghetti with Meat sauce.
This is BIG.  He had 2 servings.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Move Over Maverick

There is a new Top Gun in town, and his name is Ike.

He's got some rad ninja skills too, but he couldn't find his belt.....
He was all into his pilot-self until we ran to the grocery.  And he was then saluted, then an older Grandpa looking gent asked if he was a Navy Pilot or Air Force Pilot.
Ike just stared at him.
I admit, it was slightly awkward.
Moops has been speaking in an funky English accent all day.  He was disappointed that The Hubs' recognized him on the phone.
On another note....

I'm always curious what I am going to find on my camera, courtesy of the kids. 
This week was Stop Motion Halo via Alex.
If you scroll down kind of fast, it is almost animated.

It's one small step for....

Another step forward.

Wait, maybe a step back.

Nope, a step forward....

Making progress.

Oh look, the sky is blue today.


And Izzy made cake pops.

Monday, February 4, 2013

We Got Ike To Eat Meat!

Yup.  So, I foresee many trips to the deli offering up slices of blissful lunch meat.

Today it was Roast Beef.  Ike has NEVER eaten red meat, chicken nuggets were once OK.  He will eat puny corn dogs.  But that is the extent of his carnivorous adventurous streak.

He will however, devour any and all fruit with no discrimination.

Oh, and he is done with Kindergarten and ready to start first grade.

I am personally done with Monday.  And possibly Tuesday.  Wednesday is up in the air too.