Friday, August 31, 2012

So, it's been a while.

We are on week (wait while I pull up my little calendar real quick....) FIVE!

I completed my 3 weeks of training and am now working with my new system.  So far I haven't created any fires or deleted any accounts.  But part of that is because I don't have the authority to delete accounts yet...... 

I have found a way to drive my kids bonkers, and in turn trained them with beeping....

How did I manage this, you ask?

Well, I leave the cordless phone in random places, and then when I want to use it, I hit the page button on the base and wait for them to bring it to me...

The kids have experienced the magic that is Day Care.  And they were sadly disappointed, no unicorns, no incredible snacking,  that kid that blows bubbles with his snot was there, and they had to complete their homework before they were allowed to play.....

Izzy has entered into her final year as a child, and her teen years are approaching far faster than I can handle.....

I think it is time for boarding school at a convent......
Those were the sparkly ones. 
There were also platform stilettos with big flowers on them.
And red patent leather with spikes......
What was startling is she walks better in the heels than she does in normal shoes or even barefoot.
Izzy claimed they were acceptable to wear to school because they are closed toe and closed heel.
I said "the only time I will ever be cool with you wearing shoes like that is if you are a lawyer and you use them to kick your opposing counsel to the curb......"
I got the stink face from her.
There was also a run in with one of Alex's teachers.  I seemed to have made an impression, or actually, Alex has made quite the impression.
First, I was recognized after only one very brief introduction made many moons ago.
And then I was called out of the crowd I was hoping to disappear into.
We had a lovely talk. 
Apparently Alex is quite the pleasant individual at school.
Nothing like his brooding tormented soul at home.
And he works really hard in class.
Nothing like his chores assignment here at home.
And he smiles!  A lot....
Maybe there is some sort of vortex that he passes through on his way to class that alters his personality blue print. 
I of course called Alex out when I got home. 
And he gave me his smirk.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Survived

Yup, I sure did. 

I worked a full 40 hours this week, and I lived to talk about it.

My house, however, did not. 

That is partly because we had sick kids, projectile vomiting, and 2 days off of school.

And the kids seem to have forgotten what it means to get their chores done. 

This has been an interesting week. 

At work, I am learning a new system, hence the 40 hours this week.  And I work from home, which will help provide you with a better visual of my week.  And The Hubs was home on Thursday in preparation for an overnight business trip.

At school, Izzy was signed up for a whole bunch of stuff.  She found herself signing up for Newspaper club, Honor Band, FEA (Future Educators of America), and Dramatic Choir (as opposed to monotonous choir).  She even had to submit a writing sample for Newspaper, and she got in.


She shared a play by play of one of her classmates going all Exorcist in class. 

Which then helped me not freak out too much when Ike went all Exorcist while we were in the car line.  The kid we carpool with said he sounded like a "fire hose".  Lovely.

I am wondering what the teacher who ended up with our car was thinking........ 

Her face said "ewwww" but she was very pleasant about it.

"Oh look, someone isn't feeling too well.".

To Home, we went. 

Although a trip to the grocery for carpet cleaner and wine was tempting.  I wonder what someone would think if I was at the grocery with a lethargic 5 year old, and my basket consisted of Lysol, carpet cleaner and the biggest jug of vino available at 7:30 in the morning.  HA HA HA. 

Izzy wasn't feeling well that evening, when I picked her up from our carpool buddy.

Which meant the following day I had the Exorcist squared on my couch, while I attempted to learn how to create fire using a cotton ball and sharpie.  OK, maybe not exactly that, but it is how I felt going over the material I am currently learning.

And then there was all that other stuff that needs to get done.  Like dinner, laundry, cleaning puke off the back of my seat in the swagger wagon.

Thursday and Friday there was no school.  Fortunately Ike and Izzy are now recovered, and have since started an epidemic.  While we have not yet experienced Exorcist III, Moops is well on his way....  Joy!

My living room looks like a tornado hit.  The playroom has been conquered by Izzy's Build A Bear Army, and Alex has forgotten how to load the dishwasher.  And I don't know why, and so far I can't get a straight answer.  But all four of my children felt compelled to completely empty the contents of their school bags all over the kitchen table.

This weekend we celebrate The Hubs' Birthday.  He will be 21+X.  He intends to gain 5 lbs by eating everything he refrains from eating the rest of the year, enjoying some Scotch, and hitting up the movies.  I intend to make a cake and hope it works out, make a whole bunch of food, and then hope like heck I don't go exorcist myself. 

All so we can repeat on Monday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Week of School

And it was a doozie.

We also started earlier than most of the rest of the country, and my kids were aware of this.  And they were not happy.

There were lots of tears, from Moops in particular.  They started Sunday night and continued until we started to load up into the car, Monday morning.

The Hubs even took the day off, so he too could join in the festivities.  It's a special year for us.  Ike, starts school for the first time.  And even more important, this will be the first time in 12 years that I do not have a child in tow at all times. 

That's right, I am now kid free for approximately 7 1/2 hours a day!  Do you know what kind of damage I could cause.  Tee hee.

But first, we have to get all the kids to class. 

Izzy and Alex, pretty much took themselves to class.  I think we got a half attempt at a wave good bye from Alex.  Izzy didn't even acknowledge our existence once we climbed out of the car.

The Hubs took Moops to his class.  He was OK initially, but his teacher did say there were even more tears that afternoon.  But not too bad.

And then there was Ike.  Ike is the baby, and he is a Mama's Boy too.  And there is the pesky little issue with being spoiled.  When I would take him to volunteer in Moops' class last year, he wanted no part in it.  He usually would be upset when I would tell him we were going.  He would try to hide his shoes.

So, I didn't know what to expect from him.  Was he going to end up flipping out like that one kid last year, that had to be dragged in by the PE coach, kicking and screaming demanding he be returned to his Mom.  Was he going to cry and cling to my leg.  I was really anxious, as we walked down the hall.  So far so good, he marched to his class like a good boy.  Then he entered his classroom, tossed his back pack to his teacher and headed straight for his chair.  He had this "let's do this" vibe going.  And he was really annoyed when we told him he had to go help his teacher with his back pack. 

She showed him where to put his lunch box, where to put his folder, and how to hang up his back pack.

I tried to give him a hug, and he just kept walking past me.  He told me he had to color.

So, I tried to get a picture, but he refused to look up. 

So, I tried to give him another hug.  No go. 

So, now I'm feeling all conflicted.  I am so relieved he didn't freak out.  But I'm feeling a little rejected, given he wasn't going to even give me a hug.    And then I was like "wait, I'm free!" and the scene from the movie Madagascar with that zebra popped into my head.

The Hubs and I went out to lunch on Monday, and we enjoyed eating without distractions.

And I played on facebook a lot. 

I went to the gym.

And we went grocery shopping. 

It was Twilight Zone weird at times.

We picked up the kids, which was an hour long ordeal.  But it was nice, we chatted.  I watched the lady in the car next to us pick her nose.  The kids were all exhausted, and Ike was a bit anxious over the concept of homework. 

Tuesday it was just me, all by myself.  I had a taco for lunch.  The car line only took 40 minutes. I was the Mom seat dancing to AC/DC in the minivan.  Yup, that was me. 

Wednesday I opted for a nap.  The nap did not go well.  So, I went to the gym instead. 

Thursday was grocery day.  I went grocery shopping all by myself.  I got to take my time, spent a good 10 minutes reading the back of packages.  I also went out and bought a big dry erase calendar.  Given that Izzy has 4 different enrichment activities this semester, Alex has jiu jitsu and boy scouts, Moops has jiu jitsu, and I have work.  And The Hubs travels.  I thought maybe having a calendar would be helpful.  It is really cool, it's one of those peel and stick ones.  And I got different colored markers.  He he.

And for giggles, and some Vodka.  I went to a liquor store.  I never get to go to liquor stores!  I felt 21 again, when I got carded.  That was until they then carded the 90 year old lady behind me too.  She was a bit annoyed because she had to go searching for her license and her pill case spilled out inside her bag.  And some guy in the whiskey isle was in the middle of a very heated phone discussion with someone about how to do their job right.  He was wearing one of those bluetooth thingies in his ear, so it looked like he was shouting at no one.  The cashier guy said they keep him around for entertainment purposes.

And today is Friday!  Not only is it Friday, but it is also Ike's Birthday!  So, he got to take in a special treat for his class.  We opted for Tootsie Rolls and Nerds, two of his favorites. 

It's also my cousin's birthday.  He is 30 now, and I'm sure not handing out Nerds or Tootsie Rolls to his coworkers.  Nor do I see him noshing on a giant chocolate chip cookie cake for breakfast. 

And once school is out today, it will be all about Ike.  He wants to play video games and eat cheap pizza and stay up until 10 pm.  Happy Birthday Ike!