Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's That Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Alex asked me today, if I am going to go out and celebrate the first day of school with The Hubs, like I did last year.  He refers to the first day of school as my "favorite day of the year".

He then mentioned that I tend to get way too excited over buying school supplies.  He even went as far as to refuse to join us on our annual school supply shopping spree.  And, he didn't even flinch when I offered to buy him a bedazzled pink folder for school.  He just smirked and said as long as it matches his shoes, he will be "fine".

We currently have various piles of school supplies through out our front room.  Izzy made an attempt at organizing them for me, which didn't go to well.

This afternoon, while at my neighbors house, I noticed she too has school supplies organized in her front room.

So, that made my brain think. 

And the kids may not appreciate me too much.

Ike may even face palm when he sees what is in store downstairs.....

Because I think, for the first day of school I am going to pull out the Christmas Tree, wrap all of their school supplies, and then surprise them with an extra early reveille to ring in the new school year!

Now, please don't make the mistake in assuming that I don't like having my kids home all day every day.  That is not entirely the case. 

I am totally digging the sleeping in, and not having to make the carpool run 5 days a week.

We have only had to search for gi belts, as all school uniform belts are still put away in storage. 

And the no homework portion of the summer has been, well forget that.  There are book reports due in 12 days.  And Ike is really not diggin' the paragraph a day summer practice......

We got to see more of Texas!  Lots and lots more....

We went to The Alamo with one uncle, and dragged another uncle through a particular mountain in Georgia. 

We have gone swimming.

Izzy sliced the tip off her finger almost all the way off, resulting in a exploratory trip of yet another urgent care center.

I think Alex, Moops and Ike got to feed a giraffe.  But I maybe mistaken, as I wasn't present.  And I can't remember if I am switching memories of conversations of trips to zoos in my head.  I know Moops fed a giraffe with in the last year.  I think.  That could have been Kindergarten.

Anyways, the kids go back to school soon.  We are now at the point in the Summer where they know school is close and they are not happy.  There are not enough hours in the day to meet their quota of summer fun, and because of various vacations, there were many days where there were absent friends that should be made up. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh. We Are At THAT Point In Life Now.....

That would be where your Daughter is attractive to boys.  And then the boys follow them around stores, and get in your way.  And act all stalkerish.

We are at that point, you know the one where you suggest heading into the old lady bra store to peruse the boulder holders in the WAY BACK, until creepy boy leaves.  And your Daughter happily agrees.

I kind of felt bad for the kid.  It was pretty obvious Izzy didn't reciprocate similar emotions for him.  And as a Mom, I can say my heart twinged just a little in the sympathy zone.  But then he did the creepy grin again, and my overwhelming urge to escape with my little girl took over pretty damn quick.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's just foolin'

Did you know, in the parking lot across from the Alamo.  They have pony rides....
It's new, according to the horse carriage driver.

This is the Alamo. 
Izzy was none too pleased with the line involved.

Hey!  There is a canon dedicated to Warren!
Not my Warren.
But a Warren, none the less.

Psssssst.  It's not a real Pecan. 

This Stone Henge is not the original either.
But it was still pretty cool.

It's all still erect.

Hmmmmm.  He looks familiar.

Alex found himself a fedora.

Ike found the rest of the hats.....