Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's All About The Snow

I live North of Atlanta.  In a lovely suburb, that is hilly and way out of the way.

I believe the Yankee's are claiming we only got a dusting.

But, I still have a few inches reincarnating as Ice Squared in my front yard.......

The Hubs, who is from a place where they get snow often, isn't phased by the stuff.

Even if he spent 16 hours stuck in traffic, trying to come home (not his fault).


Yeah, that shit can melt now.  I'm totally cool with it melting....

And Ike, concurs.

But that is all I am going to say about that.

Ok, not really.

I got stuck on a hill, about halfway up. 

My choices were to continue to slide, uncontrolled into a ditch. 

Or just keep my foot pressing hardcore onto the break, until someone with something could rescue me.

I totally called the Sheriff, and reported myself, along with about 20 other drivers......  I was not alone.

I texted The Hubs.

And then I sat my butt in the middle of a hill, with my hazards on.  My foot firmly on the break. And my head freaking out. 

It totally could have been worse.  I could have been in a ditch.  I was surrounded by ditches.  Deep ditches!

But I am totally OK with my neurosis and anxiety, that parking my behind on the middle of a hill and blocking traffic, until a dude with a doolie and tow strap showed up; was an awesome resolution!

What did I learn?

1.  Driving in snow freaks me out! 

2.  Next time, I should just keep my kids home and not attempt carpool.  NO PROBLEM!

3.  Not to rely on others to make decisions I can make myself!

4.  Do not feel shame in being freaked out and admitting to it.  Especially if you are blocking others from making the situation worse.  Eventually, someone with 4-wheel drive, a tow strap, and no fear will pull you out.

5.  There are AWESOME people in the world.

6.  If you live on my street, someone has wine and is willing to share......

7.  If I go to bed now, I still get to sleep in some!  Again!

Good Night!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Livin' La Vida De Un Ama De Casa Suburbana......

Last night was a Cheetos and Cheap Wine kind of night.

I don't normally indulge in Cheetos.  

Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly in need of some serious self-medication, I add chocolate Chips into the rotation too.

Don't worry, no New Years Resolutions were sacrificed as a result of my actions.

Moops has been sick for a month now, and we still don't know why.

The poor kid has had an MRI, CT Scan, Lumbar Puncture, Multiple Blood Draws....  And yet he still has no actual diagnosis. 

His last set of blood work came back all wonky, so now they are pulling out the next level of tests.  Dr House kind of tests, and specialists that apparently have some sort of magical Mystery Machine Super powers that will hopefully figure the kid out.  The kind of specialists that are exempt from the shenanigans of insurance companies.  And just charge a fee upfront, for an hour of their time.  A really BIG fee.  The kind that lawyers only dream of.

Meanwhile, he hasn't been attending school.  Which means all school work is on me to enforce.  And this just reinforces my realization that my prospects as an educator are definitely best never accomplished.

Alex and Izzy have Science Fair due this week.  And they compete next week with their Technology Team.  I normally find a lot of joy in torturing my kids with projects they don't really want to do.  I have kind of slacked on the torture though.

Alex LOVED LOVED LOVED making his stop motion movie.  He is already scheming on his next project.  I can't wait to share!

And we have discovered that while a solar oven is a functional appliance.  Fire is still the way to go, as it took a few several hours for Izzy's cookies to finish baking. 

Oh and I dropped Ike's Mega Bloks Battle Scape.  I guess I will be rebuilding that, in order to end the lectures from my 6 year old.  He lectures like my Dad does......

And our refrigerator died!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....

But I would like to end off on a positive note.  And I can!

We have amazing family and friends!

I have siblings that would drop what they are doing to be by my side.  And they would set aside their differences, in order to make sure we were all good to go.  They would even give me what free time they have to make everything better.

I have an awesome Mom and Dad, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins....  And even my In Laws!

And we have amazing friends, the kind that give awesome booby squishing 100% love hugs.  The kind that make jello because they know the Moops LOVES his jello.  And the kind that would drop everything, if we asked them to.

That there makes up for everything else life can dish out. 

And it is the very reason why The Hubs is willing to have an hour+ commute to and from work every day.