Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Lovin', had me a blast...

(hummed via toned deaf, out of sync, and really badly....)

"Summer Lovin', happened so fast..."

Ok, I'm done.  I promise.

So, we are halfway through our very laid back and not so exciting Summer vacation.  We opted for boring this year, because boring is really what we wanted.  And so far so good.  And isn't that what we really remember and cherish from childhood?  The opportunity to waste away a day, and even get bored. 

We go to the pool and swim around, unless of course someone else's kid poops/pukes/both in the pool. 

We watch tv, play video games, and fight over computer time.  Because honestly, that is what I remember wanting to do every Summer myself.  The only difference is I'm technically older than cable, my video games consisted of Mario, Tetris, and when my cousin was around Zelda.  And computer time was done at Grandpa's house, and we played Jeopardy, Monopoly, and Spy Hunter. 

Today, we swapped cable for netflix.  And while Mario and Tetris are still around, Zelda has been replaced with Halo.  And for some crazy reason, the kids are obsessed with a game that is old school like me, called Mine Craft. 

I miss Spy Hunter.

The kids seem to be moderately pleased with our arrangement.  The "I'm bored" comments are not too numerous, and easily remedied with "Ok I have Chores for you then.". 

And when the Devil is not in Georgia, I kick them out of the house and make them commune with nature.

The Hubs bought one of those sprinklers that goes back and forth.  The kids love it, almost more than the expensive pool membership we pay for. 

We have managed to avoid serious injury, so far.  Although, Moops face planted his nose into the Dojo floor pretty good, the other day.

And I have had only one meltdown, in regards to spending 24/7 with the kids, and frequently their friends. 

Today marks the 30 day countdown for when the kids start back at school.  And for a historical moment in my life.........

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.

This is legendary for me, as it means that all 4 kids will be in school full time this year. 

For the first time in 12 years, I am going to be kid free for up to 6 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 some odd months of the year.  Here are ten things I will get to do by myself for the first time in over a decade.......

1.  Use the restroom all by myself. 

2.  Use the restroom without fear of bloodshed, interuption, or alien abduction.

3.  Shower without interuption or an audience.

4.  Clean my house and it stay clean, for more than 5 seconds.

5.  Pick my nose without witnesses.

6.  Eat somewhere without a kids menu.

7.  Grocery Shop without argument or distraction or feral children.

8.  Run an errand without having to plan out my escape.  I might even glare at a frazzled mom with kid(s) in tow. 

9.  Oh Oh!  Have an adult conversation, without being interupted or having to multitask.

10.  Eat a candy bar out in public without having to share.

I'm not sure how I am going to handle all of this new found freedom.  I'm afraid it might be too much all at once.  But then again, all the things I can do.  Oh the thinks I can think! 

Thirty Days!  Thirty Days!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ode To Padre

'Tis Father's Day here, and with that comes a "Happy Father's Day" to all the Dads of past, present and future.

And most especially to those that have been Father Figures in my life.

And that would obviously start with my Dad, "Duh".  He was there for my birth, when I swallowed and earring, and when I needed him to use a hack saw to get the ruler off my finger. 

He stuck by me through out embarrassment, injury and major bad decisions.  Like that one time....... Oh wait, he might not know about that time.  ;)  (that's me winking Dad)

And now that I have gifted him with Grandchildren, he is enjoying what is called "karma" and that other thing, the spoiling of offspring's offspring.

There is also my Father In Law, whom raised The Hubs and then graciously accepted his right of passage into Grand parenthood.  Thank You, to my Pops In Law, for maintaining a high standard of Grandparent Greatness, and for helping me maintain a sense of humor for when the going gets tough.

To my Maternal Grandfather, mainly for coming to my rescue that one time Alex busted his head open while I was making Dinner and had to be rushed to the ER for stitches.  He broke into my house, and turned off the stove before Dinner caught on fire, since I forgot to do that myself. 

And yes, sometimes a run on sentence is necessary to accurately depict the situation.

To my Paternal Grandfather, while I knew you for only a few short years.  Thank You, you were pretty cool from what I can remember. 

To all the Dads of my friends.  Well, you are owed a debt of gratitude for putting up with me.

And most importantly, The Hubs.  With you as my partner, we have created a family.  You have happily welcomed our children into the world (and excitedly dissected a placenta).  You have weathered the tough times.  And you have been by my side through thick and thin, and the slimy times where projectile vomit is involved.

A Happy Father's Day to all, and to all a Goodnight.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grocery Shopping.... With My Kids.

I will admit, when my kids were younger, we were more of a spectacle when in public.  There was a time we would wear a kid, have another in a stroller, and be flanked by kids.  Even more fun, is if there were a friend added to the herd.  We would go hiking like this, we would hit the mall en masse, we would go grocery shopping as a herd. 

Old people usually cringe when they see us.  Or, they become giddy with joy and attack with affection.  We have encountered Donald Duck posing as a 90 year old man on many an occasion.  We have graciously accepted Silver Dollars, Snacks, Advice, and even ended up with more Grandparents than we know what to do with. 

I have even been told, "You know there is a pill that prevents those now....", by quite a few cranky women with trees up their arses.

Regardless, grocery shopping is an event in itself.  It happens every other week, and requires a great deal of careful planning, and a very accurate knowledge of the grocery store lay out.  I actually have 3 separate lists I adhere to, and visit 3 different grocery stores in order to accumulate all the necessary items that it takes to feed my pride.  As in lions not vanity.....

The high end large grocery store..... Has most of our produce, a good selection of meat, and the majority of our pantry staples. 

The smaller but closest grocery store......  Has a handful of items we can't find at the high end large grocery store.

The crappy grocery store on our way home from doing stuff.  This is our most frequented grocery store, but not my favorite.  It's crazy convenient though.

Here is Moops attempting to get out of the shopping trip with a sore throat.

When that didn't work, he got Alex to poke his eye for him.

This is Izzy pretending her eyes are spuds, as opposed to her spuds having eyes.... 

Free Pineapple Samples!

Mmmmmmm.  Grape Tomatoes!

You can't find me now!

There is something about Alex and Moops interacting that requires them to drive me nuts!

Alex hiding as I attempt to document his deviant behavior.

Izzy attempting to avoid being documented, with her well rehearsed hand to the camera.

A forced reenactment of the crime.


We made it to the deli counter before the kids wised up and no longer screwed around, so no more pictures.  Instead we actually grocery shopped, and managed to tick off only one really obnoxious middle aged man, who obviously did not study up on his grocery store layout or plan his trip in advance.  Silly man, trix are on isle 6 with all of the other cereals!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farewell Friend

It is time for Elmo to find a new home.  We have enjoyed the list 5 or 6 years that he has laughed so hard he falls over.  And he has held up surprisingly well, considering.  Maybe I should send him back to my Dad.  Along with a few other toys, my parents have gifted to my children.  Like the ball pit.  And that extra bin full of legos.....

Moops is besides himself.  He doesn't know if he should laugh or make crazy faces. 

We are still waiting on his 2 front teeth...

No seriously.  I don't do that swimming stuff you swear by.  I'll just sit here and mock you instead. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dental Floss

I have a piece of lettuce stuck in between my teeth, and I can't find my dental floss.  Le Sigh.....

Tonight, at Dinner, I noticed The Hubs sits just like his Father.  And of course, Alex sits just like The Hubs.  I decided, at Christmas, with Father In Law is here, we need to get a portrait of them sitting together, all in the same position.  That would be pretty cool. 

Summer Vacation is now in full effect.  Today, which would be the second day of June, here in the Deep South, it was a whopping 75 degrees.  We still went swimming, because the kids insisted.  And after about 30 minutes in the water, they were all done.  Except for Alex, who could have probably swam all day. 

Other than that, I really don't have much to share.  I could say, I wish life were more exciting.  But that would be a fib of sorts.  I am thuroughly enjoying the lack of excitement that has been affecting our lives in quite a fabulous manner. 

Oh wait.......

I painted something.....  I call it  "Wet".......