Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Captain Awesome...

Moops shall hence forth be referred to as Captain Awesome.....
Is that grammatically correct?
I don't care. 
He looks awesome in his aviator shades.
Captain Awesome had an unfortunate turn of events today.
He scratched his cornea. 
When the Dr (whom talked about herself in the third person) did the orange dye and black light, it was pretty shocking.
And kind of science fiction-y gross.
And then, we had to crack some pirate jokes.....
He still wants to be called "Captain Awesome"
"Captain One Eye"
"Blonde Haired"
"Captain Moops"
None were sufficient Pirate names.
So, "Captain Awesome" it is.
By the way. 
If you take a 7 year old to the Ophthalmologist, sporting mirrored aviator shades...
The nurses go crazy.
And then Tom Cruise freaks out...
'Cause he knows that means "Top Gun" is going to be remade.
By a 7 year old.
 And it would be Awesome!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our House... Is A Very Very.. Uh... House...

I just told my Daughter to stop smearing Macaroni and Cheese on her brother's toes.....

Then Ike asked "how many peas do I have to eat?"

I said "15"

He asked...  "what if I eat 2 at a time?"

Then Izzy said.... "you have to eat 15 forkfuls."

It took him a while, and his siblings made it harder.  But he eventually realized he could put 1 pea on the fork, at a time, and all would be good.

Moops keeps complaining that his back hurts.  So, I looked at it.  It looks like carpet burn.  And there was a situation this afternoon, that involved him being dragged across the living room floor. 

That situation was before he was sent to his room for sticking his hand in Izzy's trumpet while she practiced, which is related to Moops being dragged across the living room floor...

He is convinced the previous situation is not the cause of the carpet burn.  And I should probably take him to the doctor to make sure it's not cancer, or an "std".....


Monday, November 4, 2013

Bovine Equality

Ike took particular interest in my dinner preparation tonight. 

He eats very little meat, as it is.  And really isn't very interested in it, at all.

I always figured it was because he didn't like the taste, or something along those lines.

But, that doesn't seem to be the case.

This evening we had tacos, which meant a cow sacrificed it's life for our enjoyment.  And this really bugged Ike.

He asked me......  "Why do you eat meat?"

I answered......  "I like meat."

He stated......  "Yeah, but that cow probably isn't happy that it was killed and you are eating it."

I replied.......  "You are probably right."

He continued........  "Maybe that cow wanted to live a long time and make milk for everyone to drink, instead."

I replied....... "Not all cows can make milk, only female cows can be dairy cows."

Ike reacted.......  "WHAT?!?!?!  That's not fair!"  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Googlie Eyes

Last weekend, we made our way down to the Eye Doctor.

It was Ike's turn in the chair, and he had a blast.

Eye Doctors have some cool gadgets, and lots to really get into.

And Ike was totally in the zone and having a blast.  He didn't even flinch when it came time to dialate his eyes.  And he was very much into deciding which lens was the most clear.  And he would even tell the Dr, "Flip it again, I want to makesure". 

It was definitely all fun and games!


I took him over to pick out some frames. 

That is when I got the

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?" look.

Then it was no longer fun. 

Even with all the ladies in the store plying him with cute kid attention.

And being that we live in the south, the cute kid attention is thick like molasses. 

He wasn't taking it though.

Instead he meandered about and totally avoided the kids' section.

Finally I found a pair of frames that had green in them...  And he was good with that.  He even tried them on, and let all the ladies "oohh and ahh" over him. 

Just kidding.....
There he is!
Fortunately, Angry Birds gummy candies helped ease the transition to the world of four eyes.  Yes, I bribed my kid.....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moops Got In Trouble.

So did Izzy.

Both lost media for the remainder of the weekend.  No Ipod, no video games, no computer games. 

And WHY did they lose their media?

Well, because both decided it would be fun to be difficult at Dinner last night.  And by being difficult, I mean goofing off and preventing the rest of us from enjoying our meals.

Fortunately, their antics were confined to our booth, and no innocent bystanders were affected.

As they antagonized us, I conspired ways to make them realize that maybe, just maybe, I still have the upper hand.....

Moops in particular is not pleased with results of his antics.  And he is fully convinced that Izzy was the reason for his misbehavior.

But, I am fairly certain that Izzy had no part in Moops opening up his Oreo Cookie, spitting in it and then reassembling the cookie, before offering it to Izzy; since he was "too full to eat it".

Moops did point out, however.  That Izzy couldn't use a gun to make him do things for her, since she isn't old enough to have a gun.....

Touche Moops, touché.

Meanwhile, on MY side of the booth......  Both Ike and Alex were very well behaved.  And while Ike made it a point to pull the center filling out of each of his cookies, smear it between his fingers; before he wiped his fingers with a napkin and asked to go wash his hands.  Izzy didn't have to worry as much about saliva with the crushed cookie bits Ike offered her.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Not Gonna Comment On Hannah Montana Channeling Britney Spears.....

Or that freakishly tall dude that she groped with a foam finger.......


I'll just ramble on randomly, as I normally do.

Completely ignoring the fact, that at one point, I ended up sitting through one of her concerts that they turned into a "movie" a few too many moons ago.

Or the fact that just a few short years ago, a majority of the girls on our street donned blonde wigs and microphones in an attempt to mimic her.  Fortunately, my Izzy opted for a Rocky Horror meets Tinker Bell costume that year..........

Score one for the overly cheap mom who was NOT going to go there!

Instead I will leave you with an endearing mental image.

I kind of think the movie Pretty In Pink is appropriate at this moment..... 

I would post an actual photo, if I had been present.  Alas, no carpool for me this afternoon..

Ike's gi has not yet come in.  Actually, Moops' new gi hasn't come in yet.  Meaning Moops is still using his old gi, and Ike is having to deal.

Such is the life of the youngest of four.

But in true Ike fashion, he always knows how to overcome such obstacles.  He opted to wear his Ninja costume from last year's Halloween.....  Along with his cargo shorts and cowboy boots....

He's got all of his bases in the world of cool covered....

Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love You

I Love You....

It is both an understatement.

And a declaration.

Today, it is so much more.

Thirteen years ago, my life changed.

A little girl in my arms.

A whole new world in front of me. 

You are cherished more than any treasure.

You are what dreams are made of.

I Love You.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You know what would be really cool? 

An app that you can select specific criteria for, that then coordinates your calendar and keeps you on track without a constant need to be manually updated. 

Something that can read your mind, and then predict what you will forget and conveniently remind you so you can keep steady and not forget stuff, like what day your kid has PE and they need to wear their PE uniform.

AND bonus, it tells you WHICH kid it is that has PE. 

Or that you bought enough beef to last a month but keep forgetting to stock up on chicken, so then you eat beef 3 days in a row before you get a chance to pick up more chicken. 

Only to encounter a sale for beef...

Something that can quickly locate your keys that are sitting on your dash board in your car because there was a mini crisis involving a super bounce ball, a jolly rancher and a pencil with no MacGiver in sight. 

Or possibly help you find your phone because the "find my phone" app swears your phone is in the house, but can't tell you its sitting next to the keys you can't find either.  And since your car door is closed, you don't hear the really cheesy ringtone you just recently downloaded as your try calling yourself to hone in on your phone's location.

If it could do the dishes and fold the laundry, that would be cool too.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's That Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Alex asked me today, if I am going to go out and celebrate the first day of school with The Hubs, like I did last year.  He refers to the first day of school as my "favorite day of the year".

He then mentioned that I tend to get way too excited over buying school supplies.  He even went as far as to refuse to join us on our annual school supply shopping spree.  And, he didn't even flinch when I offered to buy him a bedazzled pink folder for school.  He just smirked and said as long as it matches his shoes, he will be "fine".

We currently have various piles of school supplies through out our front room.  Izzy made an attempt at organizing them for me, which didn't go to well.

This afternoon, while at my neighbors house, I noticed she too has school supplies organized in her front room.

So, that made my brain think. 

And the kids may not appreciate me too much.

Ike may even face palm when he sees what is in store downstairs.....

Because I think, for the first day of school I am going to pull out the Christmas Tree, wrap all of their school supplies, and then surprise them with an extra early reveille to ring in the new school year!

Now, please don't make the mistake in assuming that I don't like having my kids home all day every day.  That is not entirely the case. 

I am totally digging the sleeping in, and not having to make the carpool run 5 days a week.

We have only had to search for gi belts, as all school uniform belts are still put away in storage. 

And the no homework portion of the summer has been, well forget that.  There are book reports due in 12 days.  And Ike is really not diggin' the paragraph a day summer practice......

We got to see more of Texas!  Lots and lots more....

We went to The Alamo with one uncle, and dragged another uncle through a particular mountain in Georgia. 

We have gone swimming.

Izzy sliced the tip off her finger almost all the way off, resulting in a exploratory trip of yet another urgent care center.

I think Alex, Moops and Ike got to feed a giraffe.  But I maybe mistaken, as I wasn't present.  And I can't remember if I am switching memories of conversations of trips to zoos in my head.  I know Moops fed a giraffe with in the last year.  I think.  That could have been Kindergarten.

Anyways, the kids go back to school soon.  We are now at the point in the Summer where they know school is close and they are not happy.  There are not enough hours in the day to meet their quota of summer fun, and because of various vacations, there were many days where there were absent friends that should be made up. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh. We Are At THAT Point In Life Now.....

That would be where your Daughter is attractive to boys.  And then the boys follow them around stores, and get in your way.  And act all stalkerish.

We are at that point, you know the one where you suggest heading into the old lady bra store to peruse the boulder holders in the WAY BACK, until creepy boy leaves.  And your Daughter happily agrees.

I kind of felt bad for the kid.  It was pretty obvious Izzy didn't reciprocate similar emotions for him.  And as a Mom, I can say my heart twinged just a little in the sympathy zone.  But then he did the creepy grin again, and my overwhelming urge to escape with my little girl took over pretty damn quick.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's just foolin'

Did you know, in the parking lot across from the Alamo.  They have pony rides....
It's new, according to the horse carriage driver.

This is the Alamo. 
Izzy was none too pleased with the line involved.

Hey!  There is a canon dedicated to Warren!
Not my Warren.
But a Warren, none the less.

Psssssst.  It's not a real Pecan. 

This Stone Henge is not the original either.
But it was still pretty cool.

It's all still erect.

Hmmmmm.  He looks familiar.

Alex found himself a fedora.

Ike found the rest of the hats.....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

And All Is Forgiven

This right here, is a very happy little boy. 
It didn't start out too happy though.
Not only did "Mommy" wake him up extra early on a Saturday morning.  But he then waited a good 4 hours, for this moment to happen. 
Once it did happen, there was nothing but simple happiness oozing out of him. 
He is feeling just a little bit extra special as well, as he settles in between two of our dojos more experienced members.  Having them on the side of the mat while he grappled with some pretty challenging opponents, made all the difference in the world. 

Alex got to grapple too.  Here he is folding his opponent into a paper airplane.  Or at least, in half.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The First Week Of Summer Break

Ike be chillin'

And there are water slides

And naps in the shade

And complete exhaustion.

Monday, May 6, 2013


The Location?  My kitchen.

The time?  Twenty minutes later than I'd like it to be.  Way too close to dinner, with dinner not being near ready.

What am I doing?  Well, I am making dinner, and tonight's dinner requires me to be chopping stuff up into small bits.  For that, I use a food processor.

What is Izzy doing?  She is sitting at the counter reading a book.  And no, it was not for school, it's because I wouldn't let her watch TV. 

Izzy:  "Could you keep it down, I am trying to read."

Me:  "Well, I need to get Dinner ready, you can go read in your room if you don't want to tolerate the noise"

Izzy (shouting):  "OH MY GOSH!  I am TRYING to spend time with you, and here you are sending me to my room.  Gee, I love you too MOM.  (insert heavy sighs and eye rolling and stomping off).

Izzy then storms off, and attempts to slam her door.  But knowing the current state of her room, many innocent inanimate objects were victimized in the process.

From upstairs.

Izzy:  "For crying out loud, this is not my day!"

This was followed with a large Kathunk down the stairs. 

Alex comes into the kitchen.

Alex:  "Mom I think I broke my teeth."

Me:  "What happened?"

Alex: "Do my teeth look broken?"

Me: "No, now tell me what happened?"

Alex:  "Are you sure, they feel broken.  Let me go look for myself."

Alex goes into the hall bathroom and I am assuming inspects his teeth.  Alex then returns.

Alex:  "Mom, this tooth here, it's crooked."

Me:  "It has always been crooked, that is why you are getting braces"

Alex: "No, it's more crooked, and it feels like it is cracked, and I think it is going to fall out."

Me: "Let me wiggle your tooth and see"

Alex:  "No, you might break it more than it already is.  Oh and look, I have teeth marks on my knee cap, from when I broke my tooth."

Me:  "Your tooth is not broken, and how did you manage to get teeth marks on your knee?"

Alex: "I was jumping off the landing, and landed too hard.  I fell forward and my knee hit my mouth"

Me: "How Many-------(interrupted by Alex)"

Alex:  "I seriously think my tooth is broken."

Me: "No, Alex your tooth is fine."

Alex: "But what if it falls out?"

Me:  "Well, I guess you will be using all your saved up money to get yourself a fake tooth, since you broke it doing something you know you shouldn't do"

Alex:  "See, I told you it was broken.  But I think it will be OK.  I don't need a new tooth."

There was also an incident earlier in the afternoon, involving Izzy and the stove.  See, Izzy is on a soup kick and wanted to heat up some soup for snack.  So, she picks out the smallest pot and places it on the largest burner, and then sets the burner on the highest heat.  We have a gas stove, so flames were involved.

I notice a burning plastic smell, that is reminiscent of when Alex put some of his hot wheels cars into the broiler portion of our previous oven, just before I had a chance to start dinner.  Of course that night, I turned on the oven and melted his cars. 

I ask if anyone knows where the burning plastic smell is coming from. 

Izzy responds with: "I don't know, it started while I was making soup.  I think we have a gas leak."

I rush over to the stove.  I inspect the pot and discover a lovely charred melted part of the handle that was not their before.

Me:  "Izzy, what burner did you use to make your soup?"

Izzy: "The big one, I wanted my soup to cook faster, I didn't put it on high, I kept the heat at 8 (which just so happens to be right next to High)"

Me:  "Izzy, it looks like you burned the handle on the pot"

Izzy: "You don't know what you are talking about.  I didn't burn the handle"

Me: "Well, look at the handle Izzy, it is all burned and melted now"

Izzy, looking at the pot: "no it isn't, you don't know what you are talking about"

Me: "Well then explain to me what you think happened"

Izzy: "I think it is a gas leak, besides you burned popcorn this morning.  So, I am not the only one that burnt something today."

Then there was that guy who got behind me at the gas station, and proceeded express a great deal of frustration, as presented through his windshield.  I then pull away from the gas pump, and expect him to pull up to gas pump.  By the way, all of the other gas pumps were empty.  As I leave the gas station lot, I see him backing away from the gas pump and parking by the store.

And today at work, someone called to get his password reset on our website.  I instructed him that all I could do is send him an email with his current password to the email we have on file.  He grew frustrated and said "Well, I can't remember the password to my email either, so how does that help me."

Thank You Monday.  You did not disappoint.

Monday, April 29, 2013


The Hubs got himself a new smart phone. 

He had a semi-smart phone previously, you know, a blackberry.

But now he has a really smart phone, it corrects his spelling and everything!

And he downloaded some nifty apps, like new alarm sounds and ring tones.....  Angry Birds.....  A level.

This morning, he had his new alarm app set up. 

It was Reveille. 

I had a flashback to basic training.  At 5:45 in the morning I was halfway to finding my boots before I realized that I was no longer at Lackland and didn't need to worry about my can tine.......

He found it profoundly entertaining.

I did not.

Later in the evening I called my Grandmother.

She was telling me how my Grandfather enjoyed his 80th Birthday Party a great deal and has already announced plans for his 90th Birthday.

My Grandmother mentioned she plans on going with an Army themed party then.  She is going to have Chow Hall food served and a Bugler available to play Reveille every 30 minutes to keep my Grandfather awake..... 

See how my family functions?  It explains a lot.  Huh?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Kind'a Wish

Somebody told me that I would have to repeat 7th Grade Math with each child I birthed.. 

You want to know an effective form of birth control, teach kids an equation that proves the number of times they would have to repeat a subject is contigent on the number of kids they pop out.

I can assure you that our teen pregnancies issue would drop like a cinder block off a cliff.

WhamBamThankYouMam + BowChicaWowWow=7th Grade Math AGAIN!

I adore my kids.  School, not so much.  Which can explain why maybe our schools are not so great right now.  Who wants to relive 7th Grade Math, with Mr Turner and his monotone approach to quadratic equations?

Not I, says this Suburbanite. 

The Hubs made his attempt at 7th Grade Math Reincarnated this week.  The result was not the answer he was anticipating.  Instead he found 12 year old Daughter + Engineer Dad = Chrenobyl.  Definitely not the same math that is required for building a factory.

Alex on the other hand asked The Hubs "what caused the deterioration of the Roman Empire?".  And then he asked "Why?". 

And then Alex informed me that "Dad" was not "prepared" for his questions...

I guess, maybe, I should hold off on telling The Hubs that Moops has a 'girlfriend'.....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Bought A New Dishwasher

You'd think this would be an easy thing to do. 

But it's not.

Instead of just picking out what I want, and then buying it.  I spent the better part of a week online obsessively looking at what is available, deciding what features I want, and what I can live without.  Then I would check for availability, only to find that they wouldn't have what I want in stock.  And there was no telling when it would become available.

It did occur to me that I could just go buy the top of the line model, that is my dream dishwasher.  But then, one of my kids would have to sacrifice their college education.  And well, we want our kids to move out one day and be able to support themselves.....  So, a budget I must keep.

Now, being the Mother of 4 children, and someone who loves to cook a lot, but hates to wash dishes.  A dishwasher is basically a necessity.  So, telling me that they could get one in for me in about 4-6 weeks is lible to get you shot with my icy pissy mommy glare.

I even drove to the crazy traffic part of our region to check out the deals there.  I was hopeful, as I found a moderately priced well reputed brand in the color I wanted with all the features I desired.  And my computer said it was in stock.

I gas up the swagger wagon and head south to the store that gave me false hope.  I make my way to the dishwasher section and start to feverishly search out the model for which I possessed a desire.

I find the right model, but it is the wrong color.  And YES, color is important.  I am aesthetically picky, and like things to match.  I have the fear of having to sell our home one day, and well, matching appliances help.

I then have to find a salesman, and that was like hunting down an endangered species on a continent in which it does not exist.  In a snow storm, with tornadoes, and plagues of locusts and frogs clouding your view.

I found one though.

Then I had the nerve to ask him if he would be willing to check if they have my preferred color in stock.  I swear to you, I think he had a momentary lapse in puberty, because I got an eye roll and a loud mouthy sigh from him. 

Nope.  Only in the one color I did not want......

So, I seek out my "Plan B" model.  The advertisement boasted that it had the space to wash 14 5-piece place settings at once.  And it does!  However, you can only wash one fork at a time, as the silverware basket is severely lacking the ability to accommodate 14 silverware place settings to go along with those 14 5-piece place settings you plan on washing.  My Grandmother suggested that perhaps whomever designed the machine assumes I only use actual silver, instead of my Dollar Store menagerie of forks.  And that I prefer to hand wash silverware.  Then we laughed, and mocked the engineer who designed a dishwasher that can't wash more than one fork at a time.  He obviously doesn't do any of the following.....

a) wash dishes for more than one person

b) wash dishes in general

c) most likely is not married

d) if he is married, makes it a point to ignore his wife's suggestions

e) doesn't have kids

f) has kids who are ecstatic about washing dishes and are also OCD to the point of scrubbing them clean enough to use again.

Just an FYI, option "f" is a fairy tale.  It's the one that The Brother's Grimm wrote but decided not to publish, because it might give parents ideas....

g) has never worked in a restaurant as a bus boy

I could probably give the whole alphabet in examples for you, but I think you get the idea....

Now I am irked.  All I want is a dishwasher that does not create a waterfall into the basement below.  I figure basic features like an interior lining that doesn't melt, good seals along the door, and a hose that doesn't pop off randomly, would be reasonable.

I would be mistaken.  It's good to read reviews..  One dude explained a complex system he and Mc Gyver cooked up while touring a remote village in the South Pacific while angry militant soldiers hunted them and their 14 5-piece place settings down.  The forks, unfortunately were sacrificed because they kept sinking the popcicle stick raft they used to meet up with Tom Hanks and Wilson. 

No, not Wilson from Home Improvement...

So after a good amount of time doing research online, and then visiting at least 5 different stores.  I found myself at my friendly neighborhood Home Improvement store picking out the very last model in the color of my choice, with all the features that I want.  But not the brand I had hoped for.

It helped that the salesman was very pleasant and didn't scoff at the random crap my kids have left in the back of the swagger wagon.  Nor did he roll his eyes, or sigh puberty style when I asked him to help me get it into my swagger mobile.  And he topped it off with a compliment in my choice of appliances and a little buttering up with pointing out that I do not look old enough to be the Mom of a 12 year old..........

Now for the fun part.  Installing the new dishwasher! 

Oh, and other things happened lately too.

Alex earned another stripe in Jiu Jitsu.  He will probably have his blue belt soon!  He has also been a bit of the Chatty Cathy at school.  So, we had a lovely conversation about how comic books are not appropriate to discuss during Math.

Moops earned a stripe too.  And we still are trying to convince him that licking the palm of his hands is what is causing them to dry out.  And will quite possibly cause him to contract some sort of rare crazy virus no one has discovered yet.

Izzy is trying to convince me that she is sick.  Too bad I caught sight of her dancing with her friends at lunch today, and joking around.

Ike has been particularly cute and engaging.  Except for those 15 minutes this evening, on the way home from Jiu Jitsu, where he went ahead and had a meltdown in rush hour traffic.  Not even Vanilla Ice and awkward car dancing could sooth his frustration.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holy Crap! It Snowed!

And I didn't realize it until we were loading up into the car to head to school.

A heads up would have been nice, but then again I probably would not have believed the weather man.  The last 3 times he predicted snow, we got nada.

He is good at predicting tornadoes though. 

The snow did explain why I was getting texts asking me if there was school this morning.  I just kind of wish we had known about the snow before the texts, or the texts mentioning snow.  One of the other would have been helpful.
We did have school though.  They only cancel school here if they suspect snow, not if we actually get some. 
Izzy had her band competition today as well, further up north, where there was more snow.  So, we were also googling that county school district to see if they were open.  For clarification, we got a dusting and further up north got a slightly heavier wetter dusting.
We then loaded up onto a lovely charter bus and made our way to the competition.  It wasn't too bad.  There were no fights, minimal drama, no one farted, vomited or passed out. 
My kid did great, but that is no surprise, she is pretty awesome like that.  I'd show you pictures and videos, but the Internet is not my friend tonight.  And now I'm tired.
Other stuff happened today as well, but I don't recall it right now.  It's like my brain shut down just enough to allow for mindless rambling and nothing else.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's All Fun And Games

Until your kid starts to micromanage you.

It was Alex's turn to have his room painted.  There were a lot of negotiations involved, but we did come up with a great plan of action.

Even better, we discovered that Alex likes to paint!  Give him a roller and he will go at it for hours.  And once he has a few hours under his belt, he will start to micromanage you and question your productivity.

In my defense, there was meals to be made, arguments to have with Izzy and laundry to be ignored. 

We got it done though!  And Alex is ecstatic, to say the least.  Anytime we walk by his room, he is grinning and commenting on how happy he is with the results.  Whip out a camera though, and that grin disappears at lightning speed.

He did grant me permission to share pics of his room though.

This is the before.  Well, the before that was after we took most of his stuff out.

Ike is observing from what Alex refers to as a "safe distance".

Alex with a paint brush. 

This should have loaded after the next picture.

The base color.

The stripe we compromised on.

The homemade pretzel nuggets I made because I promised Moops.

Just waiting for the paint to dry.

The shelf I obsconded from my parents many moons ago.

Putting all of Alex's stuffy back.

The Hubs just noticed that Alex tends to be the tidy one out of all of our children.

Monday, February 11, 2013

At First

I thought this was Alex competing, and panic flooded my veins.  I was missing his round!

Nope. Not Alex. 

Alex's rounds did not go so well.
Neither did Moops'
Yeah, it went that well....

This is Ike.

This is Ike doing what Moops did. 
Not exactly.

This is Ike eating Spaghetti with Meat sauce.
This is BIG.  He had 2 servings.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Move Over Maverick

There is a new Top Gun in town, and his name is Ike.

He's got some rad ninja skills too, but he couldn't find his belt.....
He was all into his pilot-self until we ran to the grocery.  And he was then saluted, then an older Grandpa looking gent asked if he was a Navy Pilot or Air Force Pilot.
Ike just stared at him.
I admit, it was slightly awkward.
Moops has been speaking in an funky English accent all day.  He was disappointed that The Hubs' recognized him on the phone.
On another note....

I'm always curious what I am going to find on my camera, courtesy of the kids. 
This week was Stop Motion Halo via Alex.
If you scroll down kind of fast, it is almost animated.

It's one small step for....

Another step forward.

Wait, maybe a step back.

Nope, a step forward....

Making progress.

Oh look, the sky is blue today.


And Izzy made cake pops.

Monday, February 4, 2013

We Got Ike To Eat Meat!

Yup.  So, I foresee many trips to the deli offering up slices of blissful lunch meat.

Today it was Roast Beef.  Ike has NEVER eaten red meat, chicken nuggets were once OK.  He will eat puny corn dogs.  But that is the extent of his carnivorous adventurous streak.

He will however, devour any and all fruit with no discrimination.

Oh, and he is done with Kindergarten and ready to start first grade.

I am personally done with Monday.  And possibly Tuesday.  Wednesday is up in the air too. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Wanted Snow

Not a tornado.

The Hubs' cousin though, she says they will trade their snow for our tornado.

Can that be done?

I wonder if her father approves of this transaction.  Hmmmmm.


I had a moment, just as my phone texted me to take cover. 

I contemplated, briefly, homeschooling the kids and following The Hubs when he travels.

Then I wouldn't be stuck at home, while the kids were at school.

Cooler heads prevailed.  And as the kids piled into the swagger wagon at carpool, and started bickering, we were back on track.

We finished off the evening wearing rubber boots to take out the trash and then hamburgers for dinner. 

At least tomorrow is just supposed to be cold.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal House

The Primary Years
It was Moops' Birthday Party.  I think I counted 18 kids at one point.  And as The Hubs would declare "it was PANDEMONIUM!!!"

I think it was a good time for a large majority though.  Moops didn't have any meltdowns until well after the party was over. 

There was no vomit, spills or injuries!
Although my Brother In Law resorted to holding his daughter up high over his head and seranading her while singing with an Irish accent. 
Drop Kick Murphies, no less.
No, he isn't Irish. 
He is Texan. 
No, not all Texans sing with an Irish accent. 
Just him, and Tess who is a Segway Tour Guide in Savannah.
Tess is not Texan or Irish though.
I think.  I'm pretty sure. 


Although Moops finished the day with a balloon attached to his head.