Things My Kids Say..... And Do.

This would be an attempt on my Daughter's part.  She is compensating for the pet we refuse to let her have.  You can take a stab for yourself and guess what her battle hamster and nerds have to do with eachother. Im betting Santa didn't consider this as an actual issue when he stuck the darned things into their stockings.  Or perhaps this is his way of playing catch up for those of us who no longer qualify for a chunk of coal in our stockings.

This will be something I imagine repeatidly when I encounter others who think my Daughter is just so sweet and lovely......

Warren, while watching MythBusters: Can I have toast with butter?

Me: Sure, but you have to eat it, you cant drop it from the landing.

Warren: Nevermind

Ike helped me make Dinner tonight. While making the salad, Ike asked "Mommy, do you like killing vegetables?". Oh the guilt I felt after that......

Ike as he shoots at bad guys:  "Vista Vista Baby"