Saturday, September 28, 2013

Googlie Eyes

Last weekend, we made our way down to the Eye Doctor.

It was Ike's turn in the chair, and he had a blast.

Eye Doctors have some cool gadgets, and lots to really get into.

And Ike was totally in the zone and having a blast.  He didn't even flinch when it came time to dialate his eyes.  And he was very much into deciding which lens was the most clear.  And he would even tell the Dr, "Flip it again, I want to makesure". 

It was definitely all fun and games!


I took him over to pick out some frames. 

That is when I got the

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?" look.

Then it was no longer fun. 

Even with all the ladies in the store plying him with cute kid attention.

And being that we live in the south, the cute kid attention is thick like molasses. 

He wasn't taking it though.

Instead he meandered about and totally avoided the kids' section.

Finally I found a pair of frames that had green in them...  And he was good with that.  He even tried them on, and let all the ladies "oohh and ahh" over him. 

Just kidding.....
There he is!
Fortunately, Angry Birds gummy candies helped ease the transition to the world of four eyes.  Yes, I bribed my kid.....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moops Got In Trouble.

So did Izzy.

Both lost media for the remainder of the weekend.  No Ipod, no video games, no computer games. 

And WHY did they lose their media?

Well, because both decided it would be fun to be difficult at Dinner last night.  And by being difficult, I mean goofing off and preventing the rest of us from enjoying our meals.

Fortunately, their antics were confined to our booth, and no innocent bystanders were affected.

As they antagonized us, I conspired ways to make them realize that maybe, just maybe, I still have the upper hand.....

Moops in particular is not pleased with results of his antics.  And he is fully convinced that Izzy was the reason for his misbehavior.

But, I am fairly certain that Izzy had no part in Moops opening up his Oreo Cookie, spitting in it and then reassembling the cookie, before offering it to Izzy; since he was "too full to eat it".

Moops did point out, however.  That Izzy couldn't use a gun to make him do things for her, since she isn't old enough to have a gun.....

Touche Moops, touché.

Meanwhile, on MY side of the booth......  Both Ike and Alex were very well behaved.  And while Ike made it a point to pull the center filling out of each of his cookies, smear it between his fingers; before he wiped his fingers with a napkin and asked to go wash his hands.  Izzy didn't have to worry as much about saliva with the crushed cookie bits Ike offered her.