Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Not Gonna Comment On Hannah Montana Channeling Britney Spears.....

Or that freakishly tall dude that she groped with a foam finger.......


I'll just ramble on randomly, as I normally do.

Completely ignoring the fact, that at one point, I ended up sitting through one of her concerts that they turned into a "movie" a few too many moons ago.

Or the fact that just a few short years ago, a majority of the girls on our street donned blonde wigs and microphones in an attempt to mimic her.  Fortunately, my Izzy opted for a Rocky Horror meets Tinker Bell costume that year..........

Score one for the overly cheap mom who was NOT going to go there!

Instead I will leave you with an endearing mental image.

I kind of think the movie Pretty In Pink is appropriate at this moment..... 

I would post an actual photo, if I had been present.  Alas, no carpool for me this afternoon..

Ike's gi has not yet come in.  Actually, Moops' new gi hasn't come in yet.  Meaning Moops is still using his old gi, and Ike is having to deal.

Such is the life of the youngest of four.

But in true Ike fashion, he always knows how to overcome such obstacles.  He opted to wear his Ninja costume from last year's Halloween.....  Along with his cargo shorts and cowboy boots....

He's got all of his bases in the world of cool covered....

Friday, August 23, 2013

I Love You

I Love You....

It is both an understatement.

And a declaration.

Today, it is so much more.

Thirteen years ago, my life changed.

A little girl in my arms.

A whole new world in front of me. 

You are cherished more than any treasure.

You are what dreams are made of.

I Love You.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You know what would be really cool? 

An app that you can select specific criteria for, that then coordinates your calendar and keeps you on track without a constant need to be manually updated. 

Something that can read your mind, and then predict what you will forget and conveniently remind you so you can keep steady and not forget stuff, like what day your kid has PE and they need to wear their PE uniform.

AND bonus, it tells you WHICH kid it is that has PE. 

Or that you bought enough beef to last a month but keep forgetting to stock up on chicken, so then you eat beef 3 days in a row before you get a chance to pick up more chicken. 

Only to encounter a sale for beef...

Something that can quickly locate your keys that are sitting on your dash board in your car because there was a mini crisis involving a super bounce ball, a jolly rancher and a pencil with no MacGiver in sight. 

Or possibly help you find your phone because the "find my phone" app swears your phone is in the house, but can't tell you its sitting next to the keys you can't find either.  And since your car door is closed, you don't hear the really cheesy ringtone you just recently downloaded as your try calling yourself to hone in on your phone's location.

If it could do the dishes and fold the laundry, that would be cool too.