Monday, April 29, 2013


The Hubs got himself a new smart phone. 

He had a semi-smart phone previously, you know, a blackberry.

But now he has a really smart phone, it corrects his spelling and everything!

And he downloaded some nifty apps, like new alarm sounds and ring tones.....  Angry Birds.....  A level.

This morning, he had his new alarm app set up. 

It was Reveille. 

I had a flashback to basic training.  At 5:45 in the morning I was halfway to finding my boots before I realized that I was no longer at Lackland and didn't need to worry about my can tine.......

He found it profoundly entertaining.

I did not.

Later in the evening I called my Grandmother.

She was telling me how my Grandfather enjoyed his 80th Birthday Party a great deal and has already announced plans for his 90th Birthday.

My Grandmother mentioned she plans on going with an Army themed party then.  She is going to have Chow Hall food served and a Bugler available to play Reveille every 30 minutes to keep my Grandfather awake..... 

See how my family functions?  It explains a lot.  Huh?

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