Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Im Giving This A Whirl

I have been trying to blog for a while now. I have made tons of attempts, none of which have actually made it beyond my dashboard, or in most cases my brain....

That however is going to change right this moment. As it has recently come to my attention that my children are relatively entertaining, and that I should archive their antics on the world wide web for all to enjoy. I don't know if you will enjoy my rantings about my sons and their lack of reasonable fear. Or my beautiful daughter's not always g-rated opinions of my parenting skills. Im not all that great of a photographer, but for evidence and visual purposes I will share what I do capture with my semi-trusty autofocus digicam. I do hope, you would at least hang in for a few of my post attempts.

Me, I am not a super mom, Im more of a defacto Stepford wife, invading one subdivision at a time. My minivan is littered with toy guns, scraps and snacks, and probably my Daughter's homework. My house would never be used on the front cover of a decorator's magazine, but most definitely as a before picture for one of those "How to organize your life" editorials, or better yet the after effects of a hurricane/tornado. And we have no cute furkids to include into the mix, only a set of battle rodents my husband lovingly got for the kids at Christmas time.

Regardless of my short comings, I hope you will enjoy my commentary on my family and our life. And the ever occasional entertaining quip about something they did.

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  1. I posted a comment on here earlier and now it's gone. :(

    It said, "Two thumbs way, way up!"