Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plankton And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.....

Alex was kind enough to document his indiscretions for me this week. Poor Plankton, he should have stuck with the Crusty Crab instead.......

Ike had a busy week. First there was that Zombie Apocalypse. He got us through it though, we only had to keep all the lights off in the house, and pretend to be spooky. The zombies bought it, they assumed we too were zombies and moved along peacefully.

Ike then encountered a small town embedded into the playroom couch, despite his heroic efforts, the town met its demise in the form of meteors hurdling towards "Erf".

Ike has since retired from his position as a Transformer. In his retirement, he helps with laundry. He tries on each and every sock, in order to determine whose sock it is. And then categorizes them into piles of socks. What a helper!

And this here is a horse! He and I enjoyed a leisurely game of stare while Isabel pursued the task of memorizing the anatomy of a different horse. I tried to get a picture of his buddy the Donkey, but alas the ass proved too elusive for my photog abilities........ Well, no, I just wasn't willing to get out of the car to chase him down....

So, here is my initial effort at blogging, I'm hoping with practice Ill get the hang of it and evolve into a more entertaining entity. Until then Practice Practice Practice!

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  1. that poor, poor village on Erf...at least Ike did his best