Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bleeping Ironing Board......

I dedicate this entry to my parents and to my Grandmother..........  It will be obvious momentarily.

Im into this whole honesty bit lately, to some degree. 

And ironing fits into the catagory in which I agressively express my feelings of the activity. 

 Behold my ironing board.  And yes, I am realizing just how close in color it is to my wall paint.....  THAT will be changed!  You may also noticed the tattered tail that which my ironing board boasts.   That would be previous attempts at keeping it extended.  Just an FYI.  Yarn, sucks!

Old phone cords, on the other hand, are plenty useful.  So are Dry Cleaners, but that will be approached momentarily.

I will first start off with.......  I am the oldest of a generation that does not possess the same attraction to perfectly ironed attire as both my parents and Grandparents.  Although, I can not fully speak for my cousin "Z", because he is an anomaly.  Is that spelled correctly?  Neither are we fond of the 5 am social hour around the ironing board......  Agian, can't speak for my cousin.

I will also admit, I have a very fond and close in connection with the Dry Cleaner down the street.  So much so, that they recognized me 3 years later, at the grocery.  AND refer to my husband as "Awe Mr. Anna, how is your wife today?".

How could you not LOVE them?

My Hubby however, has decided that I am fully capable of ironing his work clothes for him.  In an effort to "save money".........  I personally think he has issues with my friendship with the dry cleaner.....  Not that it is kinky.  I just think he doesnt like being called "Mr Anna". 

So, here I am, posting at 1 am, blogging about how much I "love" ironing........  I would have done it earlier, but then I wouldnt have had the chance to blog about it.  Because well, I have 4 children, and even going to the restroom alone has not yet happened in oh, 11 years.......

That brings me to another subject (like how I connected that?)

Hubby has a new job.  His new "mentor" (that would be the guy who was picked to get the new guy settled. Is it odd they both have the same name?) was casually chatting about his ex-wife who was a stay at home mom and cheated on him.  Hence the "ex" preceding wife.  That is where Hubby laughed and informed him "well my wife would have to be able to use the restroom alone, before she could ever consider something more....."

The hubby knows me so well.  It also helps that the mentor has only one teenaged kid.  We have 4.  My goal in the next decade is to 1.  pee in private and 2. shower in private!  Maybe one day I can do both in the same day!

And just an FYI to future guests.  Ike can pick a lock, in record time.

Oh, I should probably label this post as "TMI" for those who dont like the word "pee" or find it horrific that I do not like to iron.  Much less actually do laundry......

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  1. We got an iron as a wedding gift, 15 years ago.

    I've never touched it. Not once, in 15 years.

    I tend to iron the wrinkles INTO the clothes.

    If it's wrinkled and it matters, I throw it back in the dryer. Or I pick out something that's not wrinkled. Or I just think, well, it will get wrinkled in the car anyway and refuse to think about it.