Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chaulk Full Of B.S.

Meet Our New Neighbors!  They are full of Shit.....

                                                                   Or perhaps I should say they are no longer full of it, and our front porch is instead........

And to think, this has been the highlight of the week. 

Just Kidding!

We did have a busy week. 

Hubby got to go to Paris! 

Texas, that is.

There was grocery shopping, which was so much fun the first time, we went ahead and did it again.........  And we brought Hubby along.  But before we finished off the day perusing pretty produce and all the spoils that line the shelves of our grocery store.

To Ikea we go! 

We used to LOVE going to Ikea a few years ago.  It was fun to file through the showroom like rats in a maze.  Then see what kind of deals we could score, before herding through to the registers, and finishing off our adventure at the snack bar. 

For some reason, Ikea wasn't as fun.  I think it started when we pulled onto the property, and Hubby and I very aggressively argued over traffic flow patterns.  Okay, so I pretty much snapped and channeled screeching owl mode, as I watched him weave through the loading zone, and watched as the security gaurd attempted to get his attention by chasing down our minivan, jumping up and down and pointing in a different direction.  And we have agreed to disagree on the opinion that the security truck was not following us out of the parking lot, "he just so happened to be going in the same direction as we did"........ 

Once parked, and security truck shaken off our tail.  We ask the kids to remember which isle we parked in.  And they creatively turned P1H into "Pee On Her" in order to remember.  What do they call it when you do that?  Yeah, oh so Proud Mommy there as my kids giggled and kept reciting over and over...

We made it into the building, and filed ourselves onto the escalator that carried us to the rat maze.  Last time we were here, our youngest was an infant, and Moops was not even 2.  Both were contained into vessels we could push around with ease.  Today, we herded 4 feral children through a very packed ginormous housewares store. 

This preceded Hubby deciding to challenge GPS lady on directions.  Had patience been a factor, and perhaps the willingness to read street signs, and possibly mastering right/left directions.  We probably would have avoided pissing off some of the more seasoned downtown Atlanta kamakazi drivers, and in turn avoided the extended tour of State Street....

Grocery shopping proved to be much of the same.  This time though, we avoided P1H and there were no security gaurds to tick off.

But that was just today. 

The rest of the week involved a lot more.  Things like Bleeping Ironing.  The discovery that Moops is ALWAYS right and the rest of us are wrong, so we should just not argue with him at all.  Otherwise, he will follow you and lecture you about how right he is and how wrong you are.  And if you are Ike, he will pin you down and not let you back up until you agree.  And again if you are Ike, you are pinned down for a very very long time.

There was lots of time at the pool.  Three of our 4 kids are avid swimmer.  Ike, not so much.

There was the explanation of "Punishment By Default" to the masses, as they lobbied to have said law vetoed.  They don't seem to understand that having them all confined to their rooms, regardless of who the oppressor is, if often times more beneficial to them.  As it allows the Monarchy to deflate and relieve a great deal of tension.  One day, when they have their own kids, they will realize this!

And there was my contemplation of "Nature vs Nuture", and it has become my opinion that Nuture is the direct reaction of what Nature dishes out!  This has been a long term study of mine, that extends far beyond my realization that my Daughter has inherited her Great Grandmother's Ears and fasion sense.  Or that our eldest son has quite accurately relived Hubby's childhood for him.  There is watching as Moops develops the very same assertive demeanor that his Grandmother boasted.  And then there is Ike, his uncanny ability to mimic his youngest uncle with great accuracy.....  And what is my nuturing approach you ask?  Well, that would be to survive.  Simply survive.....

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