Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today, I Was That Other Mom....

Today was NAGA, which is a grappling tournament for mixed martial arts.  It was also Alex's first tournament.  The hubs competed too, but we aren't talking about him tonight.

It was 7 hours of unairconditioned high school auditorium with 700 of our closest sweatiest Atlanta bound families of fighters.

I can't remember what time this was taken.  Alex is in there some where.  I think it was early on, before the sweats and heat kicked in.

Here you can see the fighters.  On the other side is a mob, attempting to overcome the bleachers.

Lunch was hot dogs and hamburgers.

Ike has a big mouth.

Hour 6.......  No a/c, lots of people, July, and Atlanta.  Hell hath not frozen over.

And then there were 2. 
 Somewhere in the sea of sweaty people...

"Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuumble"

This is the first half of his first fight.  Then my phone crapped out on me. 
Alex dominated the first portion of this fight, then his opponent got his back. 
It still was a great fight.

But the most exciting part, was not captured on camera.  Thanks to my phone.

Alex was fierce.

He was in it to win it.

There was the mistaken tap out, which is when Alex had his opponent in a Kimora. 
I don't know what that is, but it looked neat!

Alex jumped up, because he thought the other kid tapped out. 
Then he walked over to The Hubs and asked for water.

The other kid said "no no, I didn't tap out"

So back to the ring he went. 

It was all fun and games, until Alex got the other kid in an Arm Bar.

Then it was Fantastic!

The kid tapped out!

Overall, Alex placed 2nd.

This was his first tournament ever.

Alex is on the left, I had to ask a Dad to move so I could take the pic!

We celebrated with chicken nuggets and Dr Pepper. 

And a LOOOOOOONG drive across the ATL.

Here is Giraffey enjoying dinner.  We had pasta.  It was yummy.

I need to make myself a bumper sticker that says....

"It's all fun and games until my kid puts your kid in an Arm Bar.  Then, it's Fantastic!"

I'm so proud of Alex. 

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