Monday, October 22, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20

Yesterday I went a bit overboard at the gym.  I rocked out my Burpees, my walking lunges, my knees to elbows and my 400 sprints.  I got so motivated, I decided to finish off with an additional 1200 meters on the treadmill to give me a solid 2 miles.

Today I walk up and down my stairs as each and every muscle in my legs and butt scream at me for the torture I have put them through. 

And of course, today was the day we ran out of toilet paper upstairs.  I left the phone downstairs and it started ringing.  And then I had left my car keys in my jeans pocket but had changed into a different pair of jeans after I spilled my lunch in my lap......

This is where I have flashbacks to when we bought this house, and I informed the realtor I only wanted to look at houses that were 2-stories.  And I keep thinking to myself "You were an idiot back then".....

This reminds me of other mishaps and ignorant actions on my part.  Most of which are all clustered into my early to mid 20s and involve the lack of better judgement on my part.

Like, that one time I decided to paint the inside of my house terra cotta orange!

It came out great, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  There were vaulted ceilings involved, plant shelves, and I didn't own a ladder.

And there was that one time I painted a back drop for my aunt.  I used my master bedroom wall, because it was the largest blank space I could hang the canvas.  The back drop came out great, both on the canvas and on my wall.  This is where my Dad taught me all about primer.  Which he probably should have taught me about before I attempted to paint my house orange....

I learned how to clean out the glove compartment in my car the hard way as well.  It was 2 in the morning and my husband was coming home from Iraq, and I spent 15 minutes at the post gate looking for updated insurance.  I found it, and then gave the gate gaurd dirty looks as he lectured me on organization. 

I will be honest though, I didn't learn that last lesson very well.  Because this weekend I spent a good 20 minutes looking for my most currant insurance registration again. 

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