Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holding My Child Hostage

At least once a week (usually on Tuesdays, since Mondays are a late night for us), Ike falls asleep on our way to jiu jitsu.  And, in an effort to promote world peace, I let him sleep while parked in the dojo parking lot.  And, I usually use this brief moment in time as an opportunity to bond with my oldest over homework.

Today we ventured into the world of two-step equations.  Basic Algebra, which I actually do comprehend.  Bwahahahahahahaha.

So, wielding my not-so-smart phone calculator app, an antiquated understanding of how to figure out "y" and a 12 year old who just wants to make it look like she did her homework.  We set off on our grand adventure. Which lasted a whole millisecond before we were arguing.

Oh how I love puberty....

Ten minutes, three envelopes once containing bills and now graffitti'd with math problems, and my calculator later. Izzy finally acquiesced.

And my spell check says I spelled "acquiesced" correctly!

Alex has started a new hobby and that is to antagonize his sister.

Moops, in an effort to be an overachiever, has resorted to doing all of his homework for the week as soon as he gets home on Mondays......

And so far, I have only eaten 2 fun sized kit kats out of the Halloween candy stash! 

Alas, we still have 3 days of this work/school week to endure.  And Halloween lands smack dab in all that is going on.  So, a sugar high on hump day is how we will play it.

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