Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Riding Along In My Automobile

Picking up last minute supplies for my procrastinating kids.....

I have a realized a true testament of a Mother's Love is her restraint from strangling her kids.  After all, many other species eat their young for far lesser infractions.

Yet, here I am 10:00 at night, with the house finally quiet.

The Science Fair was assigned in September.  Supplies were bought in October.  And constant reminders every week, regarding their progress.

I found myself rushing out this evening to pick up the pictures, they had 2 months to get ready.  I also found myself at our local home improvement super store buying yet another thermometer.

And then at the local office supply store picking up supplies that were never mentioned but absolutely necessary for the "success" of said scientific experimentation.  I did veto the hot pink and black zebra stripe duct tape...

Once the kids did finally get their projects completed, I announced it was bedtime.  To which Izzy responded with "But I haven't had Dinner yet!". 

Ummmmmmmm  "what were you doing at Dinner time?"

She shrugged, "painting my nails".

I rolled my eyes faster than a roulette wheel.

I know what I was doing at Dinner time, I was editing Alex's typed out work.  And then making him reprint it.  And then I was making Ike and Moops get dressed for the fourth time this afternoon, so we could go pick up the pictures we needed printed.

Since then I have also made 3 attempts at heating up leftover dinner in the oven, only to realize, each time I set the oven I hit "cancel" instead of "start"....

And yet, it is only Wednesday.

On a positive note, I remembered Ike has a concert on Thursday.  This is a positive, because not only did I remember about the concert, I remembered about a week early.  AND I made it a point to put an alarm on my phone so that I wont forget for when the concert actually does happen, next week.

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