Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Captain Awesome...

Moops shall hence forth be referred to as Captain Awesome.....
Is that grammatically correct?
I don't care. 
He looks awesome in his aviator shades.
Captain Awesome had an unfortunate turn of events today.
He scratched his cornea. 
When the Dr (whom talked about herself in the third person) did the orange dye and black light, it was pretty shocking.
And kind of science fiction-y gross.
And then, we had to crack some pirate jokes.....
He still wants to be called "Captain Awesome"
"Captain One Eye"
"Blonde Haired"
"Captain Moops"
None were sufficient Pirate names.
So, "Captain Awesome" it is.
By the way. 
If you take a 7 year old to the Ophthalmologist, sporting mirrored aviator shades...
The nurses go crazy.
And then Tom Cruise freaks out...
'Cause he knows that means "Top Gun" is going to be remade.
By a 7 year old.
 And it would be Awesome!

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