Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our House... Is A Very Very.. Uh... House...

I just told my Daughter to stop smearing Macaroni and Cheese on her brother's toes.....

Then Ike asked "how many peas do I have to eat?"

I said "15"

He asked...  "what if I eat 2 at a time?"

Then Izzy said.... "you have to eat 15 forkfuls."

It took him a while, and his siblings made it harder.  But he eventually realized he could put 1 pea on the fork, at a time, and all would be good.

Moops keeps complaining that his back hurts.  So, I looked at it.  It looks like carpet burn.  And there was a situation this afternoon, that involved him being dragged across the living room floor. 

That situation was before he was sent to his room for sticking his hand in Izzy's trumpet while she practiced, which is related to Moops being dragged across the living room floor...

He is convinced the previous situation is not the cause of the carpet burn.  And I should probably take him to the doctor to make sure it's not cancer, or an "std".....


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