Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Got All Comfortable And Was Ready To Fall Asleep.....

And then my brain turned on, and now here I am. 

I guess I should blog, or something.

This Summer, The Hubs and I decided we would take our offspring on a road trip to our Nation's Capital! 

So, at the end of July, we loaded up the Swagger Wagon, and headed on up (errr North).  With stops along the way.  There were cool parks, national and state parks, and lots and lots of historic sites...  And these places called "Sheetz" that are like gas stations and fast food restaurants in one....  Being a Texan, I was intrigued.  They were almost as cool as Bucky's, but not quite.

I didn't learn this until recently, but Texans have a reputation for their affinity of gas station convenience stores.  Which, I actually get, but then again, I regularly drive clear across Texas.  But, there is more on that later.  I need to get back to the main idea.

Our kids are seasoned pros at road trips now, and when they talk about long drives, it's like they are old men talking about how they walked 15 miles to school in the snow, uphill with the wind gusting against them.  Barefoot. 

Alex in particular is really good at channeling his inner cranky old man.

 On to Washington!  Sort of, we stopped a lot.

The Hubs is a big history buff, and so that means we stop a lot to check out our heritage over the centuries.  We have visited many battle fields in our near decade out here in the Deep South.  Both Revolutionary, and Civil War battles have infiltrated our vacations for many years.  On this particular trip, we encountered the Carolina Mountain Men at Kings Mountain; which were a pivotal part of the success of the Revolutionary War.  They basically got pissed off and then "handled it", so to speak.

This stop was followed up with an attempt at checking out the Appomattox Court House.  I saw a court house in Appomattox County, but it wasn't the right one.  I guess the one The Hubs talked so much about, is no longer standing.  So, instead, we toured the museum where Ike and Warren took turns pretending to shoot each other with a replica cannon.

To finish off our first day on vacation, we checked into our hotel where The Hubs didn't get upgraded, since there was a crowd of Chinese tourists and a High School Softball team that also decided they wanted to stay at our hotel as well.  But I will save my story of how I made friends with a random Chinese tour guide for tomorrow......  :)

I have to say, I really like living on the East Coast.  Having grown up in West Texas, and I have strong appreciation for frequently change of scenery, all the small towns and little stops along the way, and the fact that it's not 6 hours of flat dry desert between gas stations.  Ah, see, I told you there would be more.

I also like it when The Hubs is able to travel with us.  This allows me the opportunity to channel my inner infant and snuggle into my seat, while dozing off and drooling onto my window.....  Because that is what other drivers look forward to witnessing, as we pass each other!

And now, that you have a lovely visual of my sorry drooling snoring self.....  Good night!

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