Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maternally Deranged: The Texas Edition

The skies at night, are big and bright......... DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!

1500 miles and we made it!  We are visiting my home town and anxiously awaiting the pending nuptials of my sister.  Until that fateful day, where my Dad transfers possession of yet another daughter to an unprepared soul, we enjoy the benefits of what happens when a Maternally Deranged develops into the next phase of her mental well-being, and becomes a Grandma.  Yup!  My Mother, who was once Maternally Deranged herself, has now gone off the deep end.  And absolutely everything I had wished my Mom would do/give/feed me when I was my kids age, she is now offering up in truck loads.  And me, well I got the "I have been saving my pennies so I can do this, so no use in fighting me......" speech.  My maternal instincts have been trumped. 

And for your viewing pleasure.  I have documented the week using my handy dandy digital camera....

 Before our trip, we had a Fourth of July party, and some assembly was required......

 But it was well worth the effort, because there was cake!

 Mmmmmm Cake!

 Moops agrees!
 An although it thundered, lightninged (is that a word?), and rained.  There were some very dedicated middled aged poncho wielding fireworks enthusiasts that put on a show regardless!  Right in front of our house!  Woohoo!

 Ok, maybe not so much Woohoo! 

 It still was a spectacular show.  And at times that "Dueling Banjos" song popped into my head.  As the Poncho wielding middle aged men duked it out with Mother Nature....

 It seems the party was a success!

Ike agrees....

 After a day of rest, and packing.  It was time to hit the road!  And like a herd of turtles on an interstate, we were on it!

 Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana were a piece of cake!  We even got into Texas.  Found a hotel and checked in for the night.

 We then took on the rest of Texas, all 600 miles of it. 

 We attempted to conjure up a Texas Sized appetite.

Alas.  Texas was too big, and so we stuck with our regular appetites.

 This would be the Permian Basin.  Where our oil comes from, and where gas prices were the most expensive...

 Oh Look.  That was the view for 9 hours.

 Bubba, I don't think we are in Georgia anymore...

 Warren thought it would be a good time for a nose hair check...

 Hour 7 of 9......
 Izzy thought it time was for a nose hair check for her too.

 We finally made it to the land of Grandmas, and spoilings.....

This is one of my Grandmother's dear pets.  He's not convinced he is a bird, and went with a Brazilian approach to removing his feathers.  Unfortunately there are not many mental health professionals that are trained and treating parrots for both eating disorders and crisis of identity. 

 Look Fresh Seafood!  Straight from Fort Hancock, TX!

 behold, the highly coveted Golden Weenie! 

 We told Ike he couldn't take his new toy out of the package, until we had paid for it.  So, he compromised, and played with it, while still in the packaging....

 When in Texas, one must eat steak!  And steak he ate!

"Ugh, Captain.  I think our coordinates were wrong."

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