Saturday, July 30, 2011

That Damn Yellow Pronged Folder

Monday is the First Day Of School, aka Mommy's Reprieve!

Which means we have to buy school supplies.  This year topped out at $200!  And no that does not include backpacks, lunch boxes or clothing.  That is just school supplies, including 40 glue sticks, 100 pencils, Paper and a damn yellow pronged plastic folder.

Granted.  I waited almost until the last minute to pick up school supplies.  In my defense, the last month was dedicated to prepping for my Sister's nuptuals, and that was way far away on the other side of the Earth, um I mean Texas.

We got home Tuesday night.  Wednesday was spent registering the boys, Thursday was spent registering Izzy.  Friday was spent meeting various teachers, touring classrooms and filling out forms in triplicate cubed.

Today I tackled the shopping Trifecta, and threw in an office supply store to boot.  The first $199 was spent at Hoity Toity Walmart, where I was able to get everything except the damned yellow pronged folder.  Once we got home, I left again to enjoy a moment of solitude and to also find that damned yellow pronged folder.

First to the office supply store, which was a bust.  Although I had lots of fun watching as the fully pubed out voice cracking teen argued with his Grandmother over the necessity of a flashdrive, and how he is aiming to go paperless this year.  Im pretty sure he ended up with a handheld chalk board and a box of chalk......  There's paperless for ya!

There was then my trek to red neck walmart, where again, a bust.  Nothing too entirely entertaining to report there.  Oh well.

Finally, to Target we go.  And I was not the only one scrambling to finish school supplies.  One woman threatened to get her son a bedazzled 3 ring binder if he argued any further.  There was one Dad who tore apart the folder isle, also looking for that damn 3 pronged yellow folder.  Throw in a few frazzled tweens frantically looking to coordinate the composition books.  And we had a wonderful lastminute scramble for school supplies.

And just as I was about to admit defeat, there it was.  The damned 3 pronged yellow folder.  Right in front of my eyes, just sitting there waiting for it's rightful owner.

Oh what a relief, as it means I am officially ready to send my children off to school.  And then settle into a nice quiet house, and maybe even take a nap!

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