Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

Pollen is not the only abundant source of frustration this season.  It seems as though, the itch for school to be over has also struck the household. 

Between sneezes and sniffles come the allergies to homework and studying.  Daily inquiries for when the pool opens have become Moop's favorite subject.  I think he has some sort of count down going on in the recesses of his head.  However, his internal calendar is calibrated much like his internal clock, and it is taking FOREVER for May to come around.

I, on the other hand, am trying to figure out how we are already in March.  Just yesterday it was 1985 and I was using the same calendar Moop's was using.  This new calendar I received, I think it is warped.  I still need to get Christmas stockings put away and here is Moops asking me to drive by the pool, just in case it is open early.

This week, we also introduced a new member to the family.  His name is Spyro, and no he is not real.  He is not real, not because the rest of the family is opposed to having this sort of pet, alive and moving.  But because I have a very irrational fear and I would have to move out of the house and never return again as long as one was inside my home. 

So, without further hesitation, meet Spyro....

To accomodate Spyro, I will be making a trip out to find another bin to store Moop's socks in.

Reggie, well he speaks Spanish, so I wouldn't really know what he was saying to begin with.  But right now he is not speaking to us.  According to Moops, he might be feeling jealous. 

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