Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why You Should Pick Me To End Up Stranded With On A Desert Island......

1.  I grew up watching MacGyver.... 

2.  I can cook, even without modern conveniences, like electricity, gas or running water.  And yes, it tastes good too.

3.  I talk to myself often in a kind of quirky maddening way.  I could be a live sitcom!

4.  I know how to make alcohol.  I googled it. 

5.  I tan well.

6.  I know how to weave baskets and shit like that.

7.  I watched enough Bob Villa and read enough Architectural Digest, that I am pretty confident I could build a rockin' hut. 

8.  Given a few weeks of the desert island diet, I'm sure I could rock a sea shell bikini and grass skirt!

9.  I watched several seasons of lost.  I'm confident that I could survive that sort of island, especially since I am capable of common sense. 

10.  I could use a vacation.....

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