Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Forgot To Title This

I lost track of time today, and was late picking up Alex and Moops from school.  Normally they ride the bus, but I had agreed to pick them up.  Unfortunately my brain only got part of the message, and it didn't occur to me until the bus passed our house that I was supposed to have already picked them up.  D'OH!

I felt really really really bad, that I did that.  That was until I got to the school and found that I was not the only ditzoid Mom to have dropped the ball.  In fact, a few of Moops' classmates were right there with him.  That helped and now I only feel really really bad.

I did bake bread though, and it came out great.  And I made meatballs from scratch.  The intention was meatball subs for dinner.  Instead the boys opted for meatballs separate and butter on their bread.  Le Sigh.

And Izzy had her end of year band concert.  It was a chorus/band production.  I'm pretty sure the Choir Director is the same age as I am, because all of the songs he had his kids sing were songs I remember from when I was younger.  His homage to Michael Jackson was pretty nifty, and even better when the kid who was moon walking, tripped over his own shoe.  And there was another kid at the opposite end of the choir that was definitely dancing to his own melody.  He could have helped the kid in the middle who wasn't pulling anything off at all.

The band was great too, although the music they played was intentionally ambiguous.  Izzy was in the thick of it though, trumpet and peace sign headband.  I'm really proud of her.  We are soooo close to surviving the Sixth Grade.  Then we get to head into Seventh.  Oof!

And Reggie is missing.  Last Moops' heard from him, Reggie was mad about not having anymore Life Cereal.  I think that was because Moops can't remember shoving him behind the playroom couch, where Reggie is still wedged.

And in just a few moments, it will be Frieday.  I'm not sure if I should be relieved or nervous that the past few weeks are flying by.  Alex would argue though, yesterday he stated that minutes had turned into hours and hours into days.  And I was thinking "holy crap, I'm late for jiu jitsu, Dinner is going to be late, I forgot to change out the laundry in the machine, and I still can't find Ike's other sneaker....."

Speaking of Laundry......


  1. Surviving middle school is BIG! I almost died the first time and I'm about to have another child go through it!! I have forgotten to pick up my kids at school too!! So don't feel bad. the good thing is the school will always call. that is for sure!

  2. I have to repeat middle school THREE more times. UGH! And then there is High School, I actually have nightmares regarding High School.