Friday, August 10, 2012

I Survived

Yup, I sure did. 

I worked a full 40 hours this week, and I lived to talk about it.

My house, however, did not. 

That is partly because we had sick kids, projectile vomiting, and 2 days off of school.

And the kids seem to have forgotten what it means to get their chores done. 

This has been an interesting week. 

At work, I am learning a new system, hence the 40 hours this week.  And I work from home, which will help provide you with a better visual of my week.  And The Hubs was home on Thursday in preparation for an overnight business trip.

At school, Izzy was signed up for a whole bunch of stuff.  She found herself signing up for Newspaper club, Honor Band, FEA (Future Educators of America), and Dramatic Choir (as opposed to monotonous choir).  She even had to submit a writing sample for Newspaper, and she got in.


She shared a play by play of one of her classmates going all Exorcist in class. 

Which then helped me not freak out too much when Ike went all Exorcist while we were in the car line.  The kid we carpool with said he sounded like a "fire hose".  Lovely.

I am wondering what the teacher who ended up with our car was thinking........ 

Her face said "ewwww" but she was very pleasant about it.

"Oh look, someone isn't feeling too well.".

To Home, we went. 

Although a trip to the grocery for carpet cleaner and wine was tempting.  I wonder what someone would think if I was at the grocery with a lethargic 5 year old, and my basket consisted of Lysol, carpet cleaner and the biggest jug of vino available at 7:30 in the morning.  HA HA HA. 

Izzy wasn't feeling well that evening, when I picked her up from our carpool buddy.

Which meant the following day I had the Exorcist squared on my couch, while I attempted to learn how to create fire using a cotton ball and sharpie.  OK, maybe not exactly that, but it is how I felt going over the material I am currently learning.

And then there was all that other stuff that needs to get done.  Like dinner, laundry, cleaning puke off the back of my seat in the swagger wagon.

Thursday and Friday there was no school.  Fortunately Ike and Izzy are now recovered, and have since started an epidemic.  While we have not yet experienced Exorcist III, Moops is well on his way....  Joy!

My living room looks like a tornado hit.  The playroom has been conquered by Izzy's Build A Bear Army, and Alex has forgotten how to load the dishwasher.  And I don't know why, and so far I can't get a straight answer.  But all four of my children felt compelled to completely empty the contents of their school bags all over the kitchen table.

This weekend we celebrate The Hubs' Birthday.  He will be 21+X.  He intends to gain 5 lbs by eating everything he refrains from eating the rest of the year, enjoying some Scotch, and hitting up the movies.  I intend to make a cake and hope it works out, make a whole bunch of food, and then hope like heck I don't go exorcist myself. 

All so we can repeat on Monday!