Friday, August 31, 2012

So, it's been a while.

We are on week (wait while I pull up my little calendar real quick....) FIVE!

I completed my 3 weeks of training and am now working with my new system.  So far I haven't created any fires or deleted any accounts.  But part of that is because I don't have the authority to delete accounts yet...... 

I have found a way to drive my kids bonkers, and in turn trained them with beeping....

How did I manage this, you ask?

Well, I leave the cordless phone in random places, and then when I want to use it, I hit the page button on the base and wait for them to bring it to me...

The kids have experienced the magic that is Day Care.  And they were sadly disappointed, no unicorns, no incredible snacking,  that kid that blows bubbles with his snot was there, and they had to complete their homework before they were allowed to play.....

Izzy has entered into her final year as a child, and her teen years are approaching far faster than I can handle.....

I think it is time for boarding school at a convent......
Those were the sparkly ones. 
There were also platform stilettos with big flowers on them.
And red patent leather with spikes......
What was startling is she walks better in the heels than she does in normal shoes or even barefoot.
Izzy claimed they were acceptable to wear to school because they are closed toe and closed heel.
I said "the only time I will ever be cool with you wearing shoes like that is if you are a lawyer and you use them to kick your opposing counsel to the curb......"
I got the stink face from her.
There was also a run in with one of Alex's teachers.  I seemed to have made an impression, or actually, Alex has made quite the impression.
First, I was recognized after only one very brief introduction made many moons ago.
And then I was called out of the crowd I was hoping to disappear into.
We had a lovely talk. 
Apparently Alex is quite the pleasant individual at school.
Nothing like his brooding tormented soul at home.
And he works really hard in class.
Nothing like his chores assignment here at home.
And he smiles!  A lot....
Maybe there is some sort of vortex that he passes through on his way to class that alters his personality blue print. 
I of course called Alex out when I got home. 
And he gave me his smirk.

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