Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's All Fun And Games

Until your kid starts to micromanage you.

It was Alex's turn to have his room painted.  There were a lot of negotiations involved, but we did come up with a great plan of action.

Even better, we discovered that Alex likes to paint!  Give him a roller and he will go at it for hours.  And once he has a few hours under his belt, he will start to micromanage you and question your productivity.

In my defense, there was meals to be made, arguments to have with Izzy and laundry to be ignored. 

We got it done though!  And Alex is ecstatic, to say the least.  Anytime we walk by his room, he is grinning and commenting on how happy he is with the results.  Whip out a camera though, and that grin disappears at lightning speed.

He did grant me permission to share pics of his room though.

This is the before.  Well, the before that was after we took most of his stuff out.

Ike is observing from what Alex refers to as a "safe distance".

Alex with a paint brush. 

This should have loaded after the next picture.

The base color.

The stripe we compromised on.

The homemade pretzel nuggets I made because I promised Moops.

Just waiting for the paint to dry.

The shelf I obsconded from my parents many moons ago.

Putting all of Alex's stuffy back.

The Hubs just noticed that Alex tends to be the tidy one out of all of our children.

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