Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off The Edge I Go!

I would first like to start of with a few tidbits of wisdom....

1.  There is indeed such thing as too much cute.  How can you determine an Over Dose of cute?  You ask.

Well, for one, if your kid is camoflauged in bows, you can safely assume you are crossing the threshold from cute to crazy.  If said kid suffocates on said over abundance of said bows, you can safely assume that you are about a mile beyond the threshold from cute to crazy.  If you then yell at said kid for getting food on said bows, as she attempts to eat her lunch and not said bows.  Well, then you are the mayor of Crazy Town and need not run for a re-election!

2.  Shoot, the over abundance of bows really did me in this week.  I have no more wisdom to bestow upon you.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled mindless banter.
It was the first week of school for us.  Which is something I have been looking forward to since the last day of school, back in May....

I will admit, I am a huge fan of year round school, and mostly for my own personal selfish reasons.  I have a few credible points of reason as well, but my own personal reasons tend to overshadow everything else.

I think this year was a bit more crazy than usual.  We now have 3 of our 4 children institutionalized 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Fortunately we have secured highly credible extensively trained personel to lead our spawn down a positive path of learning and heavily micromanaged behavior.  That take a huge weight off my shoulders!

This week our youngest also crossed off a huge milestone of his as well.  He went from the ever so piddly age of 3, and became the ever so powerful and all knowing age of 4.  And now that he is 4, things have changed quite drastically.

For example:  Although he still measures at a mere 37 inches, he feels he is bigger than anyone else.  And with that decided, he can now cross the street without my assistance. In fact it angers him a great deal when I wrap my hand into the scruff of his shirt, and then hold him back. 

There is also the minor issue of me having to ask for permission to use the restroom, and he has no qualms in telling me no, and to hold it for a while....... 

Being that we have reached this momentous milestone, we must also celebrate in grand fashion.  And I am pretty sure we were successful.  With 3 separate trips to Walmart, a quick run through a Mc Donalds' and a half eaten strawberry cupcake with green sprinkles.  Ike declared the day to be over, and he was quite peeved when we insisted on having dinner.

The next morning, there was a very drastic difference in his appearance, he was most definitely not the same little boy that I had tucked into bed the night before.  But, Ill let you judge for yourself and then you can confirm what I am suspecting took place....

 Im pretty sure he crossed over to the dark side.

And took his brother along with him......

Puberty has me scared.

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