Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!

To my little Brother.

Fifteen years ago, my little Brother was born.  He was quite the surprise....  I personally was approaching the big ol' number 18.  My parents were approaching that phase in life that meant they were no longer engulfed in diapers or macaroni and cheese. 

Honestly, can anyone actually leave Macaroni and cheese?  It's just awesome.

Regardless, the little dude was born.  And when he was born, it was revealed that he had Spina Bifida.  He had a big bubble formed at the base of his spine.  It was pretty serious.  And the prognosis was less than stellar.

From there, surgery was done.  And then it was basically wait and see what happens.  Surely, you understand, I have truncated about 3 years...... I want to focus on the amazing, not the anxiety.

Surprisingly, the little dude did well.  What was expected, he over came.  What was never anticipated, he accomplished.

The little dude had no clue that he had mountains to climb, he just kind of did his own thing.  He left us floored, and grateful.  And he still does.

Miracles happen.

Whether you are a believer or not, having the little dude in your life did prove miracles exist.

And today, we have a mouthy horomonal teen.  And you know, I think we are all exceptionally grateful and relieved that we get to deal with puberty as it is intended.  Body Odor, Mouthy Altercations and all.....

Happy Birthday to my Little Brother.  It is not expressed daily (because there are no words), you simply are our miracle!  We love you!

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