Friday, January 20, 2012

What You Have Here

Is a little boy who is giddy.

After many months of watching from behind the chain link.  Moops has finally made it onto the floor with Alex. 

His first night was on Wednesday. 

He was so excited that he burst into tears, just as we loaded up into the car.  Because he hadn't learned everything yet.

I had to promise that he could go again on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, he arrives home from school.  Moops is holding his hand, and has a whole scenario planned out for when I ask how his day was.

First there was an altercation......  On the playground.  It resulted in a tender palm.  Moops feels more lessons in Jiu Jitsu will better prepare him for any future altercations.

And then there was the "worst case scenario" argument.  What if, just what if, Moops found himself surrounded by hobos that wanted to take his lunch.  He needs to know Jiu Jitsu, in order to fight off the hobos, so they don't take his lunch.  Especially since his lunch box is not only camouflage, but also his favorite color.  And he doesn't want to risk someone else eating his grape tomatoes.

His closing was what sealed it though.  How is he supposed to get defend himself when he is in the Army, if he loses his gun?


I told Moops he was going to end up as a lawyer.  He then asked "are their lawyers in the Army".  I said "Yes, there are". 

He responded with, "OK, Ill be a lawyer, but only if it is an Army Lawyer".

I would like to dedicate this post to my dear friend, the one who is named for the month she was born in.  One more semester to go girly.  One more semester!

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