Friday, January 13, 2012

It's A Battle Of Wills

Here at our house. 

The hill Izzy has chosen to die on, would be that of the chores she allows to pile up.  Dishes, can take anywhere from 30 minutes to all night.

Tuesday morning began with a march out to the front curb to retrieve our Garbage can.  Had she done this preceeding night, when she was originally supposed to, she would have avoided the pouring rain that crept in early before dawn. 

She has counter attacked with cleaning out her backpack, on the playroom floor.  She did this just before the bus came for her this morning.  There was paper, candy wrappers, broken pencils everywhere!  It was horrific.

I retaliated by taking a Prisoner of War......  Her Social Studies Study Guide, for the open book test she has today.

Please note, she left it on the floor, amongst the debris that exploded from her backpack.  It's not like I intentionally took it away.  I just simply made no effort to get it to her.

Her computer was also captured after the dust settled and I noticed she had left it turned on, under some rubble, on the couch. 

I foresee a siege on the horizon....

In Other News.....

I was able to extend a helping hand in the land of many offices crammed into one building. 

After a meeting at work, I was headed to the car.  Ahead of me was a man who hobbled slowly on crutches.  He really looked like he could use some assistance in opening the door to the building. 

So, I asked him if I could open the door for him.  He paused, let out a huge sigh of relief, and said "That would be great!  Thanks."

I proceeded to pass him, so I could get the door. 

That is when he started to laugh and shake his head.

And that would be because I am also on crutches!

Fortunately, I can maneuver pretty well with just one crutch.  We both were able to exit the building in a safe and organized manner. 

Good thing today is Frieday!  Pun intended.

Even better, we have a three day weekend!  I intend to spend my weekend clearing the rubble that is too many toys from the kids' room.  And maybe some laundry, so we have clean clothes to wear when we are again, released back into the general population that is both work and school.

I think there will be wine involved as well.

And maybe something with chocolate...