Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blood Is Thicker Than Sweat.....

So, as I have previously mentioned.  The Hubs has shunned Golf and decided it is his destiny in life to bring Fight Club to Stepford. 

The Moops though, being who he is, has mentioned his desire to experience the life that involves golf carts, metal sticks and small white flying objects.  He has been asking me daily when his tee time is.  And he even brought home a flyer from school, stating he can take golf lessons AT school!

But that is neither here nor there.  Until I sell a kidney, the kid will have to wait.  Golf is expensive, and Alex needs braces.

And with The Hubs coming home, covered in blood.  Well, there might be an ER trip in our future.

Fortunately, tonight it was not The Hubs' blood that stained his shirt.  It would be the blood of the dude, whose finger nail is no longer attached to his finger. 

I cringe as I type that. 

I had the Hubs throw the shirt away.  And I dread pulling his GI out of his bag, I hope that isnt bloody.  It's hard enough to get the sweat stains out of of pure white uniforms intended for blood sports.   Blood is down right near impossible. 

Just an FYI.  If blood in your clothing in an issue.  Here is what you do......

Take an old toothbrush and some dish soap.  Scrub the dish soap into the stain, and break it up as much as possible.  Then shove the clothes into our washing machine, fill it with cold water.  Add in a cup of vinegar and 1/4 up baking soda.  Let it agitate for a few minutes, then stop the cycle and let it sit for a while.  Either a half our, or until you go to start another load and realize you forgot that you had started the current load.  Finish the cycle.  By then, the blood stain should be gone.....  Old blood stains are a little harder to get out though, just an fyi.

And, well that is all I have for tonight.  It's Thursday, tomorrow is Frieday.  And well, Im ready for Sunday....

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