Monday, February 13, 2012

It's A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood......

The Hubs' BRAND NEW car has been leaking oil.  I assumed it was just a loose bolt in the oil pan.  But I was wrong.

It took about a week to convince The Hubs that it was indeed his car that was leaving the oil puddle UNDER his car, in the garage.  He finally believed me. 

So, then we agreed.  He could drive the Swagger Wagon, while I took his car into the dealership to get looked at.

So, first thing this morning.  Ike and I were on our way!

We got the car to the dealership and settled nicely into the waiting room, where Ike was kind enough to point out everything that was wrong with the waiting room.  I ended up buying him a bag of doritos from the vending machine in an attempt to quiet him up a bit.  That was a fail.

After about 20 minutes, the supervisor came in.  He sat down next to me, and in a scene very much out of Grey's Anatomy, he gave me the bad news.

"Your car is not leaking oil, it's pouring oil!"

"I have never seen anything like this before, especially from a new car!"

I think this is where he realized that maybe he could have maybe, made it sound a lot less worse than it actually was.  The car was only 6 MONTHS old!

Truth is, it's a manufacturer's error.  Kind of like getting a pizza with a hair in it, or a toy that doesn't actually work.  Except in this case, the item in question is THOUSANDS of Dollars.  And Im left taking the shuttle home.

OF COURSE this is the day Izzy ends up in the nurses office with flu like symptoms, and a fever. 

And I have no car.  And a really hyper 4 year old.  And I live on the side of a very large steep hill. 

The info on the hill is pertinent.  Read on, to find out why!

Oh, and it helps to know I walk like Igor, and don't handle stepping up or down well......... 

So, it's off to find a friendly neighbor who is willing to drive me to the school to rescue Izzy.

Isn't that a lovely visual.  Igor at your doorstep with a tweaked up 4 year old.....  Joy!

And it's One, Two, Three Strikes........  Whew, someone is home and willing to drive me!  That's good, cause the hill was a bear, and I'm sure half the neighborhood is trying to figure out what is wrong with me......

We get to the school, and I sign Izzy out. And we head home.

From there, I have a whole bunch of busy work, that I have ignored for all too long. And it now needs to get done.

Then all of a sudden, the boys show up.  Somehow 10:30 turned into 2:30.  Oof!

So, I just keep trucking along, but now I'm kind of speeding.

Ill say this.  I kicked ass in the laundry department today!

Oh.  It's time for Jiu Jitsu. 

It's a good thing, it is not my night to drive. 

Because, I don't have a car!

So, off the boys go.  And I hunker back down into my Monday Manic Mojo.

The Hubs gets home, and this is where he drops the bomb.

He said, it didn't occur to him, until it was already too late.  But I could have used his Brother's Car.  Which is currently in our garage, while he is traveling................


The good news is.  At least now I will remember.  But. Man Oh Man. That would have been a nice tidbit of info to remember at 1pm, when Im hoofing it up and down a crazy steep hill frantically trying to find a good neighbor, in an Igor like fashion. 

Once all of that was said and done.  I finished valentines'.  So my healthy kids can go to school and share in the exchange of High Fructose Corn Syrup and little pieces of paper I will be picking up until Easter......

Oh, Goody.  It's Snowing!......

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