Thursday, February 2, 2012

What The.......?

So, I came home from a past due run to the office supply store, courtesy of Alex.

Much to my surprise, I encounter.......

Now.  I'm freaking out.

First.  Alex is allergic to EVERYTHING.

So, I'm scrambling to find the benadryl.

Then I think "Oh Shit, did this happen at the dojo? He needs antibiotic ointment!"

"Is it carpet burn?"

And then I am feeling guilty that maybe I hadn't noticed immediately, as I should have. 

Damn You Mommy Guilt!

And I am just going nuts trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my son.

I start to feel the need to hop onto webmd and pre-diagnose before I psych myself into an ER trip to diagnose some horrific flesh eating bacteria.

And then I am trying to figure out how to spin this so his teacher doesn't call the authorities on me.  Im pretty sure "I have no clue as to why my son's face looks as it does, but I swear that I didn't beat him." Is not a good email to send.....

Slowly, this is really starting to perplex me.  And then I had a little mini flashback.....

Alex likes to suction his cup to his chin....  Just one of those goofy things kids do.

So, yes.  My son gave himself self a gigantic hickey on his chin...

I had to pay him $2.00 to get the pictures for this blog entry.

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