Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time Out has been a maximum capacity lately. 

I think it has to do with Spring Fever.

So, it has been decided that there will be mandatory park time after school, over the next few weeks. 

Ike in particular, has been quite squirrely.

In all honesty, the boy has been driving me bonkers.

Izzy, she too.  It's like all sense and practicality has escaped them both.

Yesterday, we hit Chernobyl level on the meltdown scale, all before 7 am...

It's only Wednesday. 

Alex is busy planning out his road to world domination....

We had to have a discussion in acceptable practices of interrogation. 

You know.  These are not things that are anticipated when you first realize you are creating life.  You are more worried about their poop and when it is safe to start them on solids.  Then your concerns move onto when the heck they are finally going to be potty trained. And then Kindergarten hits, and it is a bittersweet moment where you realize they are no longer your baby.  Around age 8, there personality really starts to set in, and you start to have flashbacks from your own childhood.  And the grief you caused your parents.  Then around 10 they start the process where they morph from child to unidentifiable living organism.  This is when fear starts to really kick in.  Because you don't know if your child will be sweet and loving, or out for blood.

Yesterday, Izzy left for school, and she was growling at me.  I was kind of dreading picking her up from school since I not only made her brush her hair twice, but then said she couldn't go home with her friend.  I figured 8 hours of festering resentment would make for a difficult evening.  Instead she got into the car and was like "Thank Goodness we are going home, I am BEAT".  I didn't question it, didn't want to run the risk of conjuring up the snarling Izzy I sent to school that morning.

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