Monday, April 30, 2012

Puck Mondays

A little background on my title.  In high school, I participated in a Shakespeare festival for a few seasons, our favorite play being A Mid Summers Nights Dream.  I was a fairy, Peaseblossom, to be precise.  I even once made headlines, but not in a way that is good......  But I digress.  It was an ongoing joke to replace a particular explicative, with "Puck".  Had you known him personally, this only made sense.  So for a few years of my life, I donned a teal leotard with felt flowers and attempted not to repeat the headlines of our maiden voyage into all things Billy Shakespeare.

OK, now back to Monday. 

It involved washing sheets.  I try to wash the sheets weekly, but given that I am OCD deficient, that is not necessarily a routine quite yet.  But, I got them done today, and even back on the bed, even if I had to rush to get them back on, before The Hubs went to sleep.

There was Jiu Jitsu too, where Moops was required to continue doing push ups until he figured out that he had to actually use his arms to push up.  This resulted in very wet puppy dog eyes and sore wrists.  The jury is still out on whether he needs to go get a rockin' cast like Alex.  I foresee a mistrial.

On the way to jiu jitsu, Ike "forgot" to get his shoes on.  Fortunately for him, I don't clean the swagger wagon as often as I should, and we found his 3rd generation lightning McQueen crocs under the passengers side seat.  These shoes seriously need to be thrown away.

At one point in time, I screamed at the kids, swerved and probably caused a pile up on I-575 South.  In my defense, there was a wiffle ball bat involved that should have also been removed from the car, but was "forgotten".  Moops however, will never ever forget again....

There was also our study session over the North East United States and their capitals.  Apparently, I need to repeat the fifth grade a few more times.  Good thing I have 2 more kids to get through.....  I'm screwed when high school happens.... 

And finally.

I was out done by a 90 year old man with a cane, at the gym.  In fact we all were.  He pumped iron like "Ahnold" and hit the treadmill like a marathon runner, and then hobbled out of the gym, like it was a nothing sort of day.  I however, melted into a puddle of muscle atrophy after 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then slithered to my car where I chugged a quart of water before heading home.  My butt better end up gorgeous, I'm just sayin'.

On a good note, I'm gonna sleep well tonight.  And then rinse and repeat for tomorrow.....


  1. ummmmm....WOW.....I wanna be like you when I'm finally forced to grow up...I got winded just reading about your day!! Kudos :)

  2. Blast. My reply button doesn't work. My kids were in good form yesterday. I hope today, they are more on the mellow side.