Friday, September 7, 2012


So, this morning around 2 am, Moops started with the puke.  I was actually sound asleep and it was The Hubs that woke up, and then woke me up.  Sleep was just a dream after that.  The laundry room went into operation, barf buckets had to be pulled from inventory, and hazmat had to be notified.

Soon after, it was time to get ready for school.  And while I'm sure my kids are fully capable of getting their clothes themselves.  I usually pull their clothes for them, so I can be sure they are wearing CLEAN underwear, socks, uniforms, etc.

So, to my delight, a groggy Alex proceeds to get himself dressed.  I watched as he took Izzy's uniform skirt and slinked off.  And duh, I didn't say a thing. 

He came back into the kitchen "dressed", although he was having trouble with the button.  FYI, his pants have snaps instead of buttons.

I smirked and waited a few minutes, because he still hadn't noticed. 

By this time, I am trying really hard not to laugh.

And yes, I did finally point out that he was wearing his sisters skirt.  He was quite miffed.

I then went to go wake up Ike, who also was sick.  Joy~

Three out of four of my kids were home today.....

Ike does sick differently though.  He throws up and then is good for hours on end.  He is happy, playful, hungry.  Then he pukes again.  We then Rinse (disinfect) and Repeat.

Tomorrow I am supposed to have Dinner with my good friend from The Detailed Decorator .  The Hubs says I still should go, that he can handle the puke, if necessary.  Hmmmmmmmm

I promise, if I feel ill I will quarantine myself and only share my germs with The Hubs.....

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