Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal House

The Primary Years
It was Moops' Birthday Party.  I think I counted 18 kids at one point.  And as The Hubs would declare "it was PANDEMONIUM!!!"

I think it was a good time for a large majority though.  Moops didn't have any meltdowns until well after the party was over. 

There was no vomit, spills or injuries!
Although my Brother In Law resorted to holding his daughter up high over his head and seranading her while singing with an Irish accent. 
Drop Kick Murphies, no less.
No, he isn't Irish. 
He is Texan. 
No, not all Texans sing with an Irish accent. 
Just him, and Tess who is a Segway Tour Guide in Savannah.
Tess is not Texan or Irish though.
I think.  I'm pretty sure. 


Although Moops finished the day with a balloon attached to his head.

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