Monday, January 21, 2013

The Little Moments

Saturday I took Izzy to a real salon to get her haircut.  She is 12 now and teetering between growing up and still being a kid.

It was a nice time.

And honestly, not all moments are pleasant.  Usually mornings challenge my inner Dalai Lama and force me to breath heavier than Darth Vader.

Just last Tuesdays I was yelled at because I was doing dishes.  Since Alex and Izzy alternate days for their chores.  Izzy automatically assumed I was doing the dishes for her brother.  I had to tell her 3 times to check the calendar.  She realized I was doing the dishes for her, so then she decided I was favoring her brother because I didn't argue with him, like I did her.

I share these events with others, and often encounter a wide variety of reactions.  Those who have had kids and are now Grandparents, grin an evil grin and nod the "been there done that" nod.  Sometimes you will benefit from the reminiscent stories of their kids past, and hope like heck that doesn't happen to you.

Parents of kids who are in puberty usually suggest a bar and offer to buy the first round.

And parents of young kids either look at you as if they encountered the giant squid on display at the Georgia Aquarium, or just go with the flow of the conversation.

And then there are pleasant moments.

Like uhhhhhhhhh.  Oh Izzy came home with a Cherry Coke for me once.  I then had to ask, how and where she was able to secure such a commodity.  There apparently is a way to hit up the local convenience store via a friends backyard.

And then there are her brothers.......

The one who eats puny corn dogs when we go out for Dinner.

And wears boots whenever he can.

The boy who lacked fear and loved to scare his Mother on a daily basis.

And loves chicken wings and corn on the cob.

And the one who has his coach in a a funky head lock, I think.

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