Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Are Now Ten Days Post Christmas

Christmas decorations have been put away. 

Leftovers are fully consumed.

The Holiday Hangover is slowly but surely fading with each passing day.

And in turn being replaced with feral children, a mountain of laundry, and the need to go to the grocery store.

We had a great holiday this time around. 

First and foremost, we successfully avoided injury.


Mom.  I do want to Thank You for all the bandaids you sent, just in case.

Second, we had all of The Hubs' family in town.  As well as my sister, her hubs, their 2 dogs and of course their brand new baby.  I think 13 humans and 2 canines in total.

We played pass the baby a lot.  My Sister was a good sport and didn't freak out about it.

The Hubs wouldn't let me do my idea of creating a Christmas tree out of presents, thus saving us the task of putting up the tree and then taking it down........ 

Oh well.

We ate..  A lot!

There were a few mistakes made.

It was a case of too many elves, lots of wine, and tons of presents needing to be wrapped.  Moops was none too thrilled with the zebra hairbrush he got, but Izzy loved it.  She traded him the Ninjago set she got, for the brush. 

I have a nifty new camera to take lots of pictures with!  Which I would be posting now, if Blogger would let me.

Izzy has a brand new Ipod thingy which has already been confiscated twice. 

And we consumed enough chocolate to last us through the next millenium. 

Oh yeah.  And Moops turned 7!

Now, we only have to survive 3 more full days of Winter Break before we fling our kids back into their school routine, and we can get back on track with our usual crazy.

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