Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

And boy did we eat good!

I channeled my friend's Abuelita, and allowed my Gringa-self to overcome her eccentricities.  We had...

Homemade tortillas in shapes that my Geometry teacher would have scoffed at.....
Black beans with corn and tomatoes.

I even received a compliment from my biggest critic.  Isabel told me Dinner smelled GREAT!  Then she decided to follow the evening routine. BONUS!  And she took her shower before Dinner, as to ease the evening rush......

Alex was kind enough to retrieve a fresh towel for Isabel.......  They were both Grounded for the day, which would explain their willingness to cooperate. 

This is where things go down hill.

Isabel screamed, in only a way a female tween can scream.

Alex started yelling.





The Hubby is now regretting coming home from work early.....

I send him up.

He, my war veteran husband, refuses.

I scream upto the second floor.  Alex slowly appears at the top of the stairs doning the towel he had retrieved for Isabel. 

I asked why he wasn't dressed, he said because Isabel got him wet.

At this moment, in unison, they swear that Alex never stepped foot into the bathroom.

So, I asked.  Well, then why are you wrapped in a towel....  I know, dumb question.

He answered, because my clothes are all wet.

I ask, well how did they get wet.

Again, in unison, they both swear Alex never stepped foot into the bathroom. 

So, I ask again; because I am a glutton for punishment.....  How did you get wet?

In a very annoyed tone, I get the sharp reply from Alex...... "Well, how should I know?"

I walked away, this was not an interogation I wanted to continue.

Meanwhile, down in what I now refer to as the Play Pit......  Ike and Warren are having some sort of battle involving warthogs, spartans, and spray bottles.  Im pretty sure I don't want to know.....

I deemed it a good time to herd all the minors residing in the house outside.  This is where Isabel provided us with a snippet of what Drivers' Ed will be like in a few short 5 years........

Do I really need to comment?

Fortunately for me, all of the kids are now well fed and in bed.  And Reggie has been kind enough to finish the dishes for me....  What an awesome T-Rex we have living with us....  I wish I could say the same for the shark, whom is currently MIA.

Gracias, Reggie.

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  1. Señora! Que niños más intensos! ...but I guess you knew that. ;p