Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Edison Moment

Today was an exciting day!

To start, I was happily surprised when a man with fruit showed up at my door!  Yup, I got myself gifted and Edible Arrangement, all for turning 4.5714x7!  It was a huge success. 

 This was just as it was delivered....

 About 10 minutes later....

 What the kids agreed to leave for the hubs to enjoy.  Aren't they generous?

In other news.  Moops had an Edison Moment.  It was Dinner time, and he got adventurous.  He had me sprinkle cheese on his spagetti.  Well, he thought that was just awesome.  That led to his idea that maybe cake made with cheese would be good too.  He suggested we call it "cheesecake"!  He is indeed a brilliant boy.
Apparently all that thinking really tired him out, Giraffey too. 

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