Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th!

It is always a scary time for me......  First, my oldest son was born on Friday The 13th.  He came out screaming, while I was being transported down the hallway of the hospital.  Which should have been a strong indication of my sons' impatience.  The only one to beat him out would be my youngest son, whom was so ready to come out that he couldn't even wait for me to fully dialate.  60 seconds and the birth story of a lifetime, and all 8 lbs of Ike came out screaming in a fit of rage.  The only one to take their sweet time would be Moops, whom even after 11 hours of forced labor, still took his sweet time to make his appearance.

Well, back to the subject......  Friday The 13th.

And of course today just could not be like every other day.  WHAT A RELIEF!

First, Moops got up with out a fight.  In fact, he woke up, smiled and gave me a big hug and kiss.  And then he told me he loved me.  There was no balling himself into his blanket.  That was no prying him off the bed frame.  There was no lugging him down the stairs.  I didn't even have to threaten to take away video games! 

THEN!  Then he got himself dressed! 

See, Friday The 13th's magical powers in play.

On top of that, Izzy did NOT argue with me this morning. 


Instead, she got up early, and politely asked if she could play on the computer.  And then when it was time to get off the computer, she did it.  Without hesitation.


Then she got herself dressed, in the clothes I picked out.  And complimented me.


By now it was time to drive to school.  Usually this consists of 60 minutes of absolute chaos.  Because Izzy does Safety Patrol.  So, she has to be to school promptly at 7:55.  BUT, Alex is not allowed to enter the school until 8:00.  And then there is Kamakazi Georgia Traffic on a 2 lane highway........  Ugh!

I got to the intersection that I so lovingly refer to as where Georgia and Hell intersect.  We got crazy Georgia kamakazi drivers, no traffic lights, and a need to cross two lanes.  Blech. 

It's like Human Frogger.

Amazingly enough, the intersection was completely clear.  Even long enough for me to hesitate with a double take.  Cautiously I plowed across and got into my lane.  WHEW!

I get to school, and we do our usual wait in the carline with all the other parents.

We get Izzy to Safety Patrol on time.  Wait another 5 minutes and then kick Alex to the curb.

Off to school number 2!  Today, I have a Parent Teacher conference with Moops' teacher.  Of course I scheduled it after the chatty parents.  And so their meeting ran over, and caused me to stand in the hall with Ike for an extra 7 minutes.  ARGH.

For those 7 minutes we argued over whether or not the ducks in a picture were ducks or not.  Ike doesn't believe me, even though I read out the description to him.  Literacy is not an acceptable form of evidence for a non-reading 3 year old.

We sit down and get started.  I ask the usual questions......  Have you had any discipline problems with Moops?  Does he do his school work?  Does he get along with others?

The teachers reply.  And I quote.....  "I wish we had 12 other Moops' just like him!"

I had to ask.  "Are you sure?"

And so we went through all of his progress.  Apparently he is a genius, and always does his work well.  Then there is the fact that he is so danged popular amongst the PreK crowd, that the kids FIGHT over who gets to play with him that day.  Oh and he eats whatever they give him for lunch, and then Thanks them! 

I truly must be in some sort of Twilight Zone....

Meeting over, and Ike and I head home, just in time for me to answer the phone.  It's the phone company, and they want to LOWER my phone bill. 

But wait, there is more.

Today is Grocery day.  UGH!  We get to the grocery and there is some insane sale going on, but only on the food I buy.  Hey, this is a miracle considering we cut out High Fructose Corn Syrup, and eat almost no processed food.  What is normally a $250 grocery bill, was only $173.  AND the person bagging groceries knew how to bag groceries!  AMAZING!

So, we pick Moops up from school and head home.  Moops and Ike play Banjo Kazooi and I unload groceries. 

Izzy gets dropped off from school and is pleasant.  Even when I tell her we are going to Lowe's!

Alex gets home, repeat of Izzy....

Really Im starting to think there was a catch.

And there was!

I have come to realize 2 things. 

First:  A great litmus test for expectant parents is to give them a bunch of feral cats.  And the goal is to get through an obstacle course laced with catnip and dogs, unscathed.  If you still want to be a parent after that then "congratulations, you are insane enough to pull it off".

Second:  The Duggars, and Kate Gosselin are bleeping Genius!  They record every moment of their kids lives, and then televise it for all to see.  Something I have learned, when the camera comes out my kids behave.  And WHY?  Because they know Im going to blog about them.  Yup, I pull my phone or camera out and the first question I get "is this going on your blog?".  Incredible!

Anyways.  Back to our trip to Lowe's.

I had to buy a new strip of floor moulding for the house.  Why, you ask?  Because Ike took the old strip off.....

So, of course you buy 6 feet of metal stripping, all of the kids want to mess with it.  So, you tell them "Dont touch the metal stripping"

Here is what happens next.........

 Here is Alex "not touching" the metal strip.  And then promptly asking "is this going to make it on your blog?"

 Here are the other 3 also "not touching" the metal strip....

 Here we are at the ice cream place, because I thought it would be a great day to pay $15 for 4 cheap sundaes.  Yes, those our thunder clouds, I felt like tempting fate! 

 Ike secured the premisis for me....

 Warren attempted to dance.....

 Ike got himself a dirt sundae, which comes complete with gummy worm.

 Izzy got herself the "creepy guy sundae".  And no she didn't eat the cookie cause it "creeped her out".

Moops informed me "this is how cavemen eat dinosaurs"....

From there we headed home.  It has been a nice quiet evening so far. 

Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. Be afraid, be very freaking afraid....
    What a nice day you had!