Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day

And Moms every where are being showered with handmade trinkets of love, breakfast in bed, possibly Mother's Day programs at their local house of worship, and perhaps dinner out.

Me.  I slept in, let my older kids feed the younger kids.  And then ignored their bickering over whatever game was in the Xbox.  Then I dragged myself out of bed, and plopped right onto the couch and took command of the remote.  For lunch, Macaroni and Cheese!  Hey, it's from scratch, we have been blue box free for at least a year now.  Well, the kids had Mac N Cheese.  I made myself a nice gooey grilled cheese made with swiss, tomatoes and a nice salty ham, oh and a little red onion and spinach.  MMMMMMMM.

My brother called, to say Happy Mother's Day.  It's fun to talk to him, he is an adult too, now he just needs kids.  Then we can commiserate!

At 2, my older kids made their way next door and graced their friends Mother with their presence.  I in turn stretched out a little more across the couch.  And then forced my younger two to watch lame 90s movies with me. 

I called my Grandmother.  And we had a nice long chat.  I love my Grandma!

I called my Mother, who has informed me she is considering blogging herself.  She is calling herself "Maternally Satisified" and she is going to share all the wonders of being a Mother of Adult Children and enjoying that dish best served cold.........  Revenge.  We continued chatting, as I sat outside in the sun, fully dressed so as not to mess with my pristene pastey white complexion.  And I described how my little Ike was running around in just his shorts blowing on dandelions and watching as those little fuzzy things float away.  He btw is tanning beautifully.  After a few minutes of that, bugs and my paranoia that Ike would hurt himself kicked in, and we made our way back into the safety of climate controlled bug free bliss.

Tonight, we dine on take out.  Send the kids to bed early.  And then settle onto the couch with wine in hand, and Netflix in the DVD player.

This I think has been the best Mother's Day ever.  I got to be absolutely lazy, indulged in comfort food, stayed in my baggy pjs all day; and was rewarded and smothered in kisses for it.  You can't top it with expensive gifts, although gifts dont hurt.  There is no Mother's Day Brunch that can satisfy more than your favorite grilled cheese on a Tonka Plate on your couch with your kids telling you are the best Mom ever, while they watch lame 90s movies with you and try REALLY REALLY hard not to complain.

And now here I am.  I figured it just wouldn't be right to not post on Mother's Day.

So, Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

Sorry for no pictures.  I ran out of batteries, and was too lazy to replace them.  Maybe tomorrow......

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