Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wizards, Lizards and Boars. Oh My!

What a week we have had!

Two Graduations!
The Last Day of School x3
And an instantaneous need for Mommy to entertain not only her spawn, but neighborhood strains as well.

But first Wizards!

It helps to know that Hubby's youngest brother, "Uncle J", is visiting us.  Ike is made it his duty to have a conversation with Uncle J at every given opportunity.  And Ike had lots to talk about today...

This morning as Uncle J entered the room, Ike was ready and waiting.

Ike:  "we have wizards in the house"
Uncle J: "Oh really"  Im thinking he was just going along with it, much like whenever a Zombie Apocolypse is upon us.
Ike: "what do you think wizards eat"
Long Pause
Uncle J: "uhhh, magic wands?"
This is where Ike smacks his forehead and shakes his head
Ike: "nooooo, they eat bugs"
Uncle J: "wizards eat bugs?"
Ike: "yes, wizards eat bugs"
Uncle J wisely nodded his head and left it at that.
Then Moops walks in....
Moops: "Uncle J, we have a lizard in the house"
Ike: "yeah, wizards, and they eat bugs"
Uncle J: "ohhhh, lizards."

We will get to the boars later.


Moops Graduation.

He was a natural.  And full of smiles.

 There was cake.  But first, all the students had to eat a balanced snack.  So, before any cake was to be snarfed down.  Each of the kids had to eat half a ham sandwich, fresh fruit, and fresh cut veggies.  This may pose a problem for Ike.....
 Well, will you look at that.  Ike complied!  Woohoo!
 Here is Moops showing off his hard earned diploma (it's blank inside...)
Moops posing

I will have to admit, I wasn't buying into this whole PreK Graduation thing.  But it was fun, and I sniffled a bit.

And then there was Izzy.

I have pictures, but they are very blurry, as I got to her school only 30 minutes early and was stuck in the back.  I would like to know how early those that got seats arrived.

It was a very nice ceremony though.  They marched the 166 5th Grade Students, 2 x 2 down the middle to that graduation song.

Then there was the Pledge of Allegience

Then a short speech by the Principal

Then a very prestigious award was handed out to a few select students (62 of them).....  The award is the President's Award for Educational Excellence.  Those who received the award rank in the top 15% for Math, in the Nation.  And also maintained a 90 average grade wise.  This says a lot about the school, having so many that received the award (not all schools in the district had recepients).  The school district is also in the top ten for their music program.  AND some students at the school received other national ranked awards.  It's a good school!

Im proud to say Izzy was a recepient of the award.  In addition to several others.  The award itself is signed by the President of the United States.  She also received a letter from the White House.  And a pin.

This is where I started to get weepy.

After the President's Award was the citizenship awards.

Then the Middle School Principal made a speech and promised to know everyone by their first name before the end of the 1st 9 weeks.

Then there were the Academic and Extra Cirricular Awards.....  Scholarship, Safety Patrol, and 4-H were other awards Izzy received at this point. 

Im really choking back the tears now. 

Two hours later, and the principal ends the ceremony with a very moving Powerpoint Presentation of the 5th Grade Class.  And then tells us parents to sign our 5th Graders out, and they can not come back onto Campus, as Kindergarten is up next for their Graduation Ceremony....

So, off to Chili's we went for a celebratory lunch.

And then to pick up Moops from school.

And then meet Alex after school.

And then we had to hot foot it to the local pool for Izzy's graduation celebration.

Then home for a short bit.

And then back to the pool to pick Izzy up (family and younger siblings were not welcome to attend)

And then back home.  Where by that time I was exhausted, and ready for bed.  So, was Izzy who was sacked out on the couch until Dinner time.

And then it was Friday, the first official day of Summer Vacation!

Alex and Izzy had a friend over.  And after about 8 minutes of them all being in the house, it was time to send them outside.  This is where the boar comes into play.

We live in a heavily wooded area.  We have lots of woodland "friends" to make up for the lack of human interaction...

About a quarter mile behind where our property ends, there is a new subdivision being built.  And that is forcing all of our woodland friends to visit more often.  That is also encouraging all of the Elmer Fudd's to declare Open Season in our neighborhood as well.

Well, about 5 minutes after being sent outside.  The kids are back.  On one side of them was Wilbur's distant cousin, the wild boar.  And on the other side was Elmer Fudd, complete in woodland camo, and flourescent orange vest (oxymoron right?).

The kids thought it would be best to come back inside.  And I feel immense relief because I now have confirmation that the grey matter floating about in their craniums are indeed capable of applying common sense!  You would have doubts too if you saw them do their chores....

However, that meant I either tolerate them all being inside and full of pent up Summer Vacation Angst.  Or I come up with another plan.

To the park we go!

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