Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus Here Comes Santa Claus....

Right for my bank account.

I "think" I am almost done with gifts.  I have successfully screwed up a few, because, well what is Christmas without at least one big glaring mistake?  In my defense, this is one of many reasons we did not name any of our children after relatives, living or dead.

Instead, we opted for Historic Figures in history.  And you know what, that has allowed for some scary realizations on our part.

Such as the fact that my 10 year old has a War Table in the middle of his bedroom, barracades flanking the bedroom door, AND he has made several remarks regarding Waterloo......  No, we didnt name him Napoleon (maybe we should have).  We named him after Alexander The Great and Ulysses S. Grant...... 

Our lovely Daughter was named after 2 Strong Feminine Leaders......  Yeah, do I really need to go there?

And then there is Moops.  Now, Moops is named after a very successful investor and a prolific American President, formally.  But, Moops happened to get nick named Moops because my anesthesiologist made my epidural magical, and that one Episode of Seinfeld with Bubble Boy just happened to be on when he crowned.....  Moops is a very unique little dude.

And then there is Ike.  It took a lot to get Ike named.  For one, I wanted him to be called Ike.  BUT I didn't want his formal name to be Dwight.  Please note.......  I was pregnant with my 4th child, any and/or all reasonable sense was long gone.......  Im allowed to be crazy now.  I have my certificate stating such. 

So, after a great deal of research.  Ok.  So, The Hubs had a moment of Clarity and Googled Ike.  Turns out Ike is a nick name for Isaac.  And well heck there is a famous Scientist names Isaac Newton. 

Woohoo!  I got my Ike. 

Now, ask what his middle name is......

The Hubs, he wanted Xerxes. 

Don't worry, he didnt get Xerxes. 

I can Gaurantee, that under our tree, no one will be wondering which John, William or David the gift is actually for.

But I can't gaurantee that Alex wont stage some sort of Military Coup when he comes of age.....  Sorry about that.