Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Im A Super Klutz, Super Klutz.

I'm Super Klutzy!

We ALMOST made it through Christmas injury free.  I think maybe 20 more minutes and we would have cleared that hurdle, that tends to haunt us during the holiday season.

And this year, it was my turn. 

Yippee!  No, wait.  Fudge.  Blech, Ugh.

Now, ask me how I got hurt? 

Honestly, I was just standing there, minding my own business, holding Ike and be bopping to some good music.

And then I fell.  No warning what so ever.  No, conflict of sorts with anyone but myself. 

There are no exciting scenarios involving cliff diving, knife fights, or high speed chases. 

It was just me and gravity, duking it out. 

Gravity won.

My knee went on strike, and is still protesting.

I'm hoping a trip to the Dr, will convince my knee to cooperate soon.

The good news is, we got through all the presents BEFORE this happened.  My Father In Law has better pics, but he downloaded them onto The Hubs' computer, and now I have to wait for The Hubs' to remember to get them transferred to me.....

Here is what I managed....

This is what happens to you AFTER the holiday rampage we refer to as Christmas Morning.

No, the pictures are not blurry.  They are "Live Action", if you whip your head side to side really fast while looking at the picture, it all comes together.  Kind of like 3D but with whiplash instead of dorky glasses.

Whip It!

Whip It Good!

I don't know what is going on here.  But no dogs were harmed in this situation.

It's hard rooting through to find your presents.  You have to know your letters, your name, you have to fight your brother to get him out of the way....

This is where Izzy discovers the Laptop she as told she was not getting....

This is the Metronome thingy Izzy has been wanting for her Moose Mating Horn Lessons.

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