Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

Seasons Greetings To You All!

Just a quick note before I move onto my annual update. We have moved, again.  And we will continue moving until everyone who writes addresses into their address book with permanent ink change their ways and switch to pencil.  So, I BEG of you, please use pencil to update contacts.  AND while you are at it, if you still have our previous address from 2005, just go ahead and mark that one as current.  We are on a repeat tour of Stepford Of The South, as we are running out of locations to relocate to in this State.  Had we just stayed in Texas, that would have never been an issue, plenty of space there....

Now, on to the regularly scheduled Annual Family Update.

We are all doing great, no one was permanently injured, lost, or tattoed.  Although The Hubs is threatening to tattoo some sort of crazy dragon across his back and channel his inner street fighter.

We now have 3 out of 4 of our kids in school, we chose public school hoping that they would blend in enough that they could not be easily picked out in the event of a lineup.  So far so good. 

Izzy is now in middle school, and with that comes a whole new level of awkward.  I now truly understand the concept of middle school, and that would be it is used as a Quarantine of sorts.  Preteens are too dangerous to release into the General Population of Childhood, yet not quite ready to be released into the wilds of High School.  I visit the middle school sparingly, as I am never sure what I will encounter when I do. 

Izzy is also learning how to play the Trumpet.  Thanks to the likes of Mr Evil Band Director, we upgraded instruments and went from Flute to Trumpet in the matter of no notice what so ever.  Izzy is enjoying the Trumpet though, and she will be performing in her first concert on Tuesday.  I believe they are playing Mating Of The Moose (same melody as Mary Had A Little Lamb) and Train Derailment (it is amazing how accurate they have made their rendition).

Alex is finishing up his final year of Elementary School, and it's been a hit and miss year.  He is also currently learning Jiu Jitsu, we decided it would be a great skill to master, given the extreme sarcastic nature and lack of size Alex has been handed in life.  He has also realized the concept of Capitalism and graciously embraced the lifestyle.  It's weird to see a 10 year old that driven, and that good at it.

Moops is now in Kindergarten and channeling his inner extrovert.  We are not entirely sure how it happened, but Moops has ability to make friends with everyone.  He is also a very focused little guy and has set his sights on overachieving and raising the bar for Kindergartners to come, ie his little brother Ike.  Moops' current goal is to be so well behaved that they have to add a new color to the behavior chart just for him.  It's great that he is so well behaved, but not so great that he has turned it into a competition.  Because I always worried I would be the Mom of the kid that set the school on fire, I was prepared for that.....

Speaking of that kid that would set the school on fire.....  Ok, no he wouldn't, at least I don't think he would.

Ike is still at home, and he likes it that way.  He lounges in bed long after all the others have caught the bus.  He sneaks in and plays with Alex's Legos, and alters them just enough to drive him batty.  And then gets lost in his imagination, often finding himself stuck in or under something.

The Hubs is doing well himself, he too is taking Jiu Jitsu, along with stick and knife fighting.  Im waiting for the day the ER calls for me to come and pick him up...

I started working this fall, and now learning to juggle that with family.  I dropped a plate last week, so its back to starting up all over again and hopefully I wont drop a ball or kid with this next attempt......

So, Happy Holidays from our Family to yours.  Remember to switch to pencils when updating your address book.  And don't eat the yellow snow.


Maternally Deranged

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